My 3 year old daughter cannot speak properly or follow instructions. Is she human?

My 3-year-old daughter cannot speak properly or follow instructions. Is she human or does she become human when she can speak and follow instructions? What about older people or people with severe disabilities that cannot speak or follow instructions? What are the ideas for supporting humans that cannot interface easily with the standard way of using the system?


she’s definitely human, just unable to speak for herself. as her parent you should be able to stake your own poh and vouch for them at the same time - until they are able to speak for themselves
i could see this being done more in general


I think providing specific instructions for this cases will be critical in the next iteration.


Wizard with Steps and clear description and images will help a lot.

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I’m really concerned about this cases. Should we limit very young childs in PoH?. How we know that this is done with good intentions rather than “slavery”. Enphasis in the “”.
I mean, for example this profile: Proof of Humanity, a sybil-proof list of humans.
In this profile we can see that the young Jose doesn’t know what she is doing, even she can’t speak. She is just repeating something she is listening in the headphones. She doesn’t know the meaning off what she is saying, and we can see his father(?) moving his arm to show the eth sign. How we know that his father is doing this in good faith or is just using the humanity of his daughter for his own benefit?. I think that it’s imposible to know the intention if this father, most probably he is doing this for the benefit of his daughter, but what if not?

Currently the guidelines does not prevent to do this. Should we accept this behaviors?


I think sometimes depending on the system there has to be an acceptance of some centralization where certain circumstances have to be remedied.

The crypto space can get a bit ridiculous on decentralization without addressing the most important aspects of decentralization. For example my main focus is how the distribution ends up.

If you were to decentrtalize a network and in the end it still ended up looking similar to our economic systems today then obviously decentralization of wealth wouldn’t get solved.

There are many categories of decentralization to consider and ultimately they are all a means to some end. It’s a reason people wanna be decentralized. However sometimes hybrid systems have to exist. Extreme cases or leaning too far on one side of the spectrum may not be the solution.

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