Partnership with DoingGud (or similar platform)


My name is Cesar, director at Move Nevada Forward ( I have been a volunteer for Andrew Yang during his presidential and mayoral runs. Needless to say I’m a huge advocate for UBI and supporter of this initiative.

I’m currently working with other volunteers from the campaign to create the Forward DAO as a grassroots extension to Yang’s party. I believe Santi spoke to 2 of our members before. One of our objectives is to sustainably mainstream $ubi. We’re working to create an NFT sale where the majority of proceeds go to UBI burner. Some of it will go to gas fees to onboard more people.
Once we onboard a certain amount of users we plan to organize the Yang Gang and trend it on twitter to get the attention of Jack Dorsey, Elon etc. I would love to collaborate on this if interested.

I recently came across DoingGud but I’m sure there’s other platforms. I asked them how to get whitelisted so people can donate to $ubi. Someone on their team told me the best way is to fill out this form DoinGud Social Impact Organisations

I would love to hear your thoughts on this ideas and look forward to collaborating on this project.



Hi Cesar. Sounds like a great iniciative. Having people on board from different cultures and locations will only make the $UBI iniciative stronger and more resilent.

Maybe some other forum member can point another way to contribute to the UBI burner and vaults. But your idea of selling NFT on that marketplace and using the proceeding to burn UBI and register more people sounds good.

Keep us posted on the advances you and your organization make. We are surely interesting on hearing more of this.



That seems very good. Don’t hesitate to ask any help (tech or communication wise) you would need.

Which kind of NFTs would make?

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Thanks guys!

To answer your question directly @clesaege that’s something we would have to decide. I’m thinking we can do something similar to this
The theme could be around ‘humanity’ or something like that. Maybe incorporate ubi as a subcategory.

I attended a happy hour meeting with the founders of DoinGud and they seem aligned with the ethos of ubi. I introduced them to PoH and they seemed very receptive. They showed great interest in working with us.

In terms of the art component we have a lot of artist friends in LA that we think would be interested in participating. If artists from all over the world want to collaborate then even better.