[Phase-1] HIP-37 Set EPNS as delegate for PoH notification channel

HIP: 37
title: Set EPNS as delegate for PoH notification channel
author: Aleix (aleix@kleros.io)
status: Draft
created: 2022-01-18

As commented on the last PoH community call, the PoH governor (and thus the PoH DAO) is the owner of the Proof Of Humanity notification channel:

This means that now we have to set the EPNS address (0xCACf63E473ABB9d091F62d92E1D2d8ff43a02a9E) as a delegate, to allow them to send notifications on the channel. The notifications that they will be sending, for now, are:

  • Your profile has been accepted
  • Your profile has a removal request
  • Your profile has been challenged
  • Your profile is about to expire
  • New evidence has been uploaded
    (They will give us access to the repository with the notifications code, so we can improve and add new notifications.)

The aim of this proposal is to execute the following transaction on-chain:
Recipient: 0xb3971bcef2d791bc4027bbfedfb47319a4aaaaaa
Transaction Data: 0xe71bdf41000000000000000000000000cacf63e473abb9d091f62d92e1d2d8ff43a02a9e

Appendix: steps to validate the transaction data.

  • With Frame wallet installed, add the PoH governor (0x327a29fcE0a6490E4236240Be176dAA282EcCfdF) as a watch only address.
  • Visit https://app.epns.io/ and connect.
  • Click on the PoH button to enter the channel administration tab.
  • Click on the gear icon and then “Add Delegate”.
  • Paste the EPNS address: 0xCACf63E473ABB9d091F62d92E1D2d8ff43a02a9E and click on “Add Delegate”
  • On the Frame wallet pop-up click on “Sending data” and validate that the raw transaction data is the same one that is presented on this proposal.

That’s awesome! I’m in favor, especially if there’s a POAP on the snapshot :grimacing:

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I moved forward this proposal and published on Snapshot for Phase 2 voting: Snapshot

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