[Phase-1] HIP-46: Abolish HIP-16 "Make admin roles eligible"

HIP-46: Abolish HIP-16: “Make admin roles of communication platforms eligible”

Simple Summary

Render HIP-16 null and void, and remove PoH legitimacy over making admin roles eligible.


Nullify HIP-16, removing any official PoH formality over how admin roles are elected or removed. In it current state, HIP-16 acts as a barrier for admin changes.


One of the points of HIP-16, specifically point 4 of Elections:

Elections are made using quadratic voting (negative votes are allowed)

is not possible. Thus, this HIP-16 effectively removes any possibility of electing new admins, or kicking current admins, because the due process designed by it cannot be followed as it is specified.

Also, admin roles that were acquired before this HIP-16 did not go through the process, so the HIP-16 shields them from accountability, as they cannot be removed from their positions.


Nullifying HIP-16 eliminates the legitimacy current PoH admin roles have over their positions, solving the issue described in Motivation.


Abolish HIP-16.

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Creo que la DAO evolucionó este ultimo tiempo y requiere nueva reglamentación.
Estoy de acuerdo.

Nullifying the hip without substituting them with something that actually works is not productive. Suggest a replacement instead, for rules that could work.


de acuerdo con una nueva reglamentación, pero no en dejarla nula sin aclarar nuevas reglas (siempre debe haberlas)

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Las reglas deben ser cambiadas para adecuarlas. Mantener la HIP 16 hasta que se definan nuevas reglas me parece más apropiado.

Creo que debe modificarse la HIP votada. Y buscar una solución a lo que actualmente no esta funcionando.

The point of this HIP is to remove DAO legislation bloat currently in place that affects communication platforms. No communication platform ever has been able to follow HIP-16.
Just because the HIP is not giving a replacement, doesn’t mean that it’s not desirable. It may be better to not replace it at all.
What is currently in place is defective and net negative. It impedes admin changes, because it’s impossible to follow, and it’s making all communication platforms illegal (in the eyes of the DAO).

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The removal without replacement would do more harm than good, because no rule is worse than bad rule. The only thing wrong about hip 16 is tokenlog and admins per amount of users. Change that or change something trying to keep the goal of HIP16. It is changing a couple of lines.

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One path that we could take is:

  • experiment first
  • see what works
  • formalize it and make it official with a new HIP that replaces HIP16.

Otherwise we might run into the same mistake of having a hard-to-implement HIP voted and approved before testing it anywhere.

Disagree. We don’t need a legal vacuum, especially if the vacuum leads to more abuse to the comm channels than now.

The only issues of 16 are
-Tokenlog and
-1 admin per 500 users

You disagree that we should experiment first?

Definitely yes, we have enough experience collected to make new rules. Much better than a rule vacuum.

Experience without untested Ideas is not ideal.
I agree with Shin we need to experiment. Experience only tells you what doesnt work, not what does work. Even more so if there are no proposals, or if a new proposal includes strategics that “seem to best fit” rather than “known to be best fit”

Power vacuum is not ideal test conditions. HIP16 had two critical mistakes that when solved, solves all of the issues of hip 16. Abolishing is an overkill, modifying it is sensible. I think given the recent “cautionary” statements for other measures, you would all agree that this is something that begs to be cautious about.

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My motivation to make this HIP is that I don’t like HIP-16, it’s not just about the issues the HIP-16 has. I don’t want too much extra, confusing regulation.

and, there’s now this HIP-51 that suggests a different formalization and may be incompatible with HIP-16.

HIP-51 doesnt really state anything about the information that has to be stored on the PoH Library. Is just for the development of it.

HIP-50 is what actually is incompatible with HIP-16, so on Phase-3 it can easily identify which part of HIP-16 it replaces (which would be the “officialized” channels). The rest of the HIP will be intact.

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