[phase 1] HIP #51: Grant request to develop on-chain Poh DAO Library

HIP: 51
title: Grant request to develop on-chain Poh DAO Library
author: @v4len.eth @juanu.eth
status: Phase 1
created: 2022-03-07

English version below

Simple summary:
Solicitar un grant a juanu.eth para financiar el desarrollo de un Smart contract que funcione como libreria oficial de todos los documentos que sean oficialmente consensuados por la DAO de Proof of Humanity.

La implementación de un Smart Contract como Libreria oficial permitiria a la DAO de POH oficializar documentacion aceptada por la DAO on-chain.

Existe una necesidad de oficializar informacion en general, que la DAO toma como valida. Los recursos como Github, hackmd o el mismo foro son una solucion a corto plazo. La DAO debe contar con una solucion decentralizada.

Solicitud de un Grant de 0.5 ETH y 10000 UBI (+ costos de gas) de deployment a juanu.eth para desarrollar un smart contract que funcione como libreria.


  • El Smart Contract debera ser propiedad del governor de la DAO
  • Contendra un campo que permitira almacenar una URL, la cual apuntara a un archivo en IPFS.
  • El archivo sera en formato JSON, y actuara como INDICE de acceso a los distintos recursos, con los siguientes campos:
    • Clave: Clave unica del recurso
    • Nombre: Nombre del Recurso
    • Descripcion: Descripcion corta del recurso
    • URL: URL de acceso al recurso (IPFS)

Modo de Pago
El monto solicitado sera pagado a juanu.eth una vez finalizado el desarrollo y realizado el deploy del contrato en mainnet, con el owner asignado al governor POH.

Simple summary
Apply for a grant to juanu.eth to finance the development of a Smart contract that will function as the official library of all documents that are officially accepted by the DAO of Proof of Humanity.

The implementation of a Smart Contract as an official library would allow the POH DAO to officialize documents accepted by the DAO on-chain.

There is a need to officialize information in general, which the DAO takes as valid. Resources like Github, hackmd or the forum itself are a short term solution. The DAO must have a decentralized solution.

Request for a Grant of 0.5 ETH and 10000 UBI (+ gas costs) for deployment to juanu.eth to develop a smart contract that works as a library.


  • The Smart Contract must be owned by the DAO governor.
  • It will contain a field that will allow to store a URL, which will point to a file in IPFS.
  • The file will be in JSON format, and will act as an INDEX of access to the different resources, with the following fields:
    • Key: Unique key of the resource.
    • Name: Resource Name
    • Description: Short description of the resource
    • URL: URL of access to the resource (IPFS)

Method of Payment
The requested amount will be paid to juanu.eth once the development is finished and the contract is deployed in mainnet, with the owner assigned to the governor POH.


Hi there! It’s an interesanting way to define dao assets. Can You show an example? Because i think that i’m missing something. the contract Will have an attribute with “ipfs/…json”. Will this json contains the data for N assets? Or one json file for each asset?

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The contract will store 1 value only: The link to the INDEX file containing all the links to each content.

At first I thought about having a mapping on the contract and store each value on the smart contract, but that would make it more expensive and add extra complexity for a simple problem.

Having a single field that points to an immutable IPFS file, is much simpler and easier to transact with when it has to be done through the governor.

Everytime a new item needs to be added to the file, or updated, it will be required to update the file, upload the new version to IPFS (which gives a completely new URL) and create a HIP to make the change through the governor to change the URL that points to the new file version.

I suck at Diagraming, but roughly this isthe Idea.
Simple and effective:


Instead of creating a new SC that only will have a index of “official channels” (whatever official meas) why don’t create a list of curated registries in curate.kleros.io? There are tons of examples where curate has work (Tokens, Address Tag list, etc).

We should define a policy to put requirements to the official channels (so we will have to define what is an official channel) and the community can create new official channels and register them. The PoH Governor could be the owner of the curated list (then the only available to change the policy) and the users will fill the list.
This way, whoever want to create an official channel (again, we should have to define what that means) if that channel met the requirements can be uploaded, if doesn’t met, a challenge could be raised. This will be less stressful (specially for the amount of the poh governor to make changes) and avoid unnecessary votes in snapshot, and the community can create infinity channels that met the criteria.
This will help to to the frontends to read this curated list and have all the links updated automatically :slight_smile:


That would actually be awesome! It can be a list of “recommend groups”, not even official channels.

I’m Against. I don’t see the need for this. This library JSON could be added as a field in both the registration and clearing MetaEvidence. It’s a bit of a stretch (since MetaEvidence is intended for arbitration stuff, not general purpose), but I’m also against the DAO sprawling onto making communities official. There are “civil” solutions that this problem that don’t need DAO legitimacy.

Also, this grant is excessive for a job that should barely take a few hours. The grant is only specifying making a contract. Making the contract without attending to the rest of the stack is trivial, and does not warrant 0.5 ETH + 10k UBI. I bid myself to make this contract for 0.3 ETH + gas instead (without the UBI), and if the DAO wants to manage resources efficiently, they should point the grant at me instead.

(To be coherent, even if the grant is offered to me, I will vote to reject it. But I will do the task if it passes.)


After kokis argument, I agree that there is no need for this HIP.

Yikes. What does this mean?


Yikes. What does this mean?

Since I would be willing to make it for cheaper, then the PoH DAO should choose the cheapest option

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I guess we both agree that the HIp doesn’t make sense given Koki’s suggestion, however, I find your counter proposal a bit offensive

Grant requests are for the person that asks for them. Trying to overtake one is not the way to do it

If you need help I would love to guide you on how to write your own proposals for grant requests, but its not too good to try to hijack a grant written by someone else.

My channels are open If you want to discuss more about this.

Let’s build a more cooperative, less competitive ecosystem. Shall we?

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Grant requests are for the person that asks for them. Trying to overtake one is not the way to do it

I disagree, we shouldn’t preference individual contractors by the PoH DAO.

Maybe in some countries and cultures, people are used to employing friends and family members with public funds. This is corrupt and inefficient. The public funds of PoH should be used for grants to the best contractor at the lowest price.

I would support grants on an auction basis. Any contractor can bid for the contract.

I actually agree with what you are saying which leads me to think that you misinterpreted me.i meant to say that the Grant Request was authored by Valen and me. The right way to request a grant would be to make another HIP autored by the person making the request.

Grants requests are personal. I wouldn’t dare and wouldnt trust on a Grant Request made by a person, making the request on behalf of someone else.

The actual person requesting the grant should be the author.