[Phase 1] HIP 82 - Limit amount of HIPs an author can create within a time frame

Within the last 24 hours, there have been 3 HIPs created by a single author. They all are low effort, illogical, or simply break the Proof of Humanity protocol altogether. If a singular author is allowed unlimited HIPs, then they are able to keep spamming the HIPs until one eventually passes.

Due to this, I propose we add a cooldown between HIP proposals for a singular author. I think one HIP every 7-14 days is very reasonable; this would ensure HIPs are of high quality and not malicious. Let me know your thoughts below.


HIPs should be evaluated by their intrinsic value and voted for or against them. Frequency has nothing to do with it. Like you right now, there’s no Sybil proof of who and why can propose a HIP so this could be easily overcome by creating multiple users/proposers.