[Phase-1] HIP-84: Abandon protocol split and move forward

HIP: 84
title: Abandon protocol split and move forward
author: drlorente97.eth
status: Phase 1
created: 2023-07-04
replaces: 74, 63, 50

Simple Summary

This proposal seeks to repeal HIP-74, HIP-50 and HIP-63 in order to reinstate the proper functioning of the DAO.


This proposal seeks to repeal HIP-74, which at this time has not yet been implemented. It is also decided to repeal HIP-50 and HIP-63, which contributed to the governance blockage that led to a situation of ungovernability in the DAO and its subsequent division.

It is proposed to abandon the splitting of the DAO, the protocol and the treasury. It is also proposed to subsequently bring to a future vote the implementation of the v2 version of the protocol since this was contemplated in one of the proposals to be repealed. It is also contemplated that the funds received from the donation of the Gitcoin funding round to OpenPoH shall be returned to the Governor.


Given that it has been 8 months since the approval of HIP-74 which established an organized process for the division of the DAO and the protocol and treasury and it has not yet been implemented. Taking into account that the problems that led to its approval are now non-existent and that there is no evidence of the existence of a project for the creation of “Open Proof of Humanity”, it is necessary to move forward.

In order to move forward, it is also necessary to remove the obstacles that contributed to the ungovernable situation in the DAO. In this case, the existence of “official groups” and the formula of quadratic delegations which only caused that part of the votes of the registered humans were not taken into account, contributing an effective blockage to the governance.


Approval of this proposal in Phase 3 will result in the following:

  • Repeal of HIP-74: A Peaceful Fork effective immediately.
  • Repeal of HIP-63: Quadratic Delegations on the DAO Snapshot effective immediately.
  • Repeal of HIP-50: Clarify which of Proof of Humanity Telegram group belongs to the DAO effective immediately.
  • Funds raised from the Gitcoin funding round for OpenPoH directed to address 0x2AF4125c8fE208a349ef78d3cb980308ab1Ed34f in the amount of 14,646 DAI shall be sent to the Governor address 0x327a29fce0a6490e4236240be176daa282eccfdf.
  • A proposal to migrate to a v2 version of the protocol shall be made in the future.

On the “PoH Origin” side we’ve been working on our V2. And the fork allowed us to work (almost) unbothered. Cancelling the fork would lead to going back to internal wars instead of building, so I don’t think it’d be a good idea.
At best we could put a release deadline for both parts of the fork to prevent half of the DAO funds going to an inactive project. The deadline could be pretty long, like 1 year (if one side doesn’t manage to release anything within a year, it’s unlikely they would ever release anything). If the deadline is reached and one part of the fork hasn’t been able to release anything, all the funds could go to the side which managed to.


At the moment there is no OpenPoH, the Github has been inactive for some time, the communities are inactive, the constitution of which I am the author was never presented or discussed, and the team currently with the exception of Ludoviko and I guess Santi who has not responded for months in the groups, is not interested in continuing, also received funds from Gitcoin which were never used (which I will add to the proposal). I believe that after the disappointment that has existed given the inaction of OpenPoH in their communities and the expiration of registrations, the blockage that existed to governance in the past, will not happen again. We can move forward with V2 I think without any problem, in any case, it can be added to the proposal.


Esta.parre de tu propuesta la convertirĂ­a en HIP

En el mejor de los casos, podríamos poner una fecha límite de lanzamiento para ambas partes de la bifurcación para evitar que la mitad de los fondos de DAO se destine a un proyecto inactivo. La fecha límite podría ser bastante larga, como 1 año (si un lado no logra publicar nada dentro de un año, es poco probable que alguna vez publique algo). Si se alcanza la fecha límite y una parte de la bifurcación no ha podido liberar nada, todos los fondos podrían ir al lado que lo logró.

Y el tiempo lo haría más corto que un año, dado que desde el momento que se voto la bifurcación ya han transcurrido varios meses.


Pudiera ser cuando se cumpla un año de la aprobación de la HIP-74, dígase 5 de noviembre 2023, la fecha límite

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Ludoviko (Jose_Nunes) aside from the fact that you are banned from here, here is the answer to the question:

Internal problems led to ungovernability in the DAO and these mentioned HIPs (except HIP-74) contributed to create an effective block to governance, by suppressing the 1 person = 1vote mechanism and declaring official groups where dissenting voices are silenced, creating an effective division in the DAO which ended up materializing in HIP-74.

This proposal seeks to reverse the division of the DAO and the causes that led to this, thus avoiding a future blockage of governance again, so that everything enters into the same thread.

great project let keep moving forward

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It does not allow me to vote, yet I have time to do so and the snapshot taken even I am still operational to receive UBI.

Yeah it looks like there was a bug with Snapshot during that time (but phase 1 doesn’t require a vote anyways).

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Weird that, probably a bug. Anyway as Clement said, Phase 1 voting is not required under HIP-5 (not illegal either). Since this is a complex issue, I conducted it to canvass opinions and see if it is in the general interest of the DAO.

If I were to take it to Phase 2 (not at the moment), it would also include that to avoid future governance issues, the DAO will move to a Constitutional Democracy model being inherited PoH Origin Constitution, to be approved within 30 days or so.

I would like to hear your opinion @clesaege