[Phase-1]HIP XX: Allow deposits only after being vouched

I propose this solution as an alternative to HIP-12: Let users decide to “Accept” vouches when your profile is in vouching phase.

If we allow users to make the deposit only after being vouched, it would prevent them from losing their deposit in many cases, such as:

  • Sometimes there are issues with the photo or video uploaded.
  • Lately, there’s a group of malicious actors that vouch unknown and non-consenting users that have a mistake in the submission. This cuts short the time that an honest voucher would correct the issue and warn the person of the mistake. These vouchers act in conjunction with challengers who immediately challenge these profiles (also discussed in the HIP-12 I linked above)

While this may make the process a bit harder for some users, it shouldn’t drastically increase the total gas cost of the registration.


How would a duplicate or bad actor ever be challenged then (risking anything), if people could give you feedback before you put the deposit and some might “catch you” before that?

Thanks for your proposal.

Vouching doesn’t require consent. Vouching is a requirement to go to the next phase and was not made to allow people to correct mistakes. Allowing people to amend submission was just allowed as a courtesy, not a right and is not present in other TCR (see curate & tokens)

This process would cost order of magnitude more in gas cost than on saved deposits.

This proposal is not technically feasible at the contract level as the POH contract cannot be modified in this manner (would require a completely new version of POH).
However it can be done by running another frontend not proposing the users to put their deposits. Therefore it doesn’t require a proposal. You can just run a POH frontend where initial deposit is not possible. If users prefers not to have this functionality they would be able to use this frontend (but my bet is that they won’t).