[Phase 1] HIP-XX Allow Misreading Lookalikes

title: Allow Misreading Lookalikes
author: Green
status: Phase 1
created: 2022-08-25

Simple Summary

Misreading a word by pronouncing a lookalike word in the verbal confirmation phrase is explicitly allowed.


The proposal will allow submitters to mistakenly misread words when they are pronouncing their verbal confirmation phrase.


This user made a profile submission, misreading one of the words, and it got challenged. We will probably agree this is not intended.


Allow words being misread if they’re lookalikes, even if both are part of the dictionary (currently, BIP-039). The PR linked in the implementation is the authoritative source of the specification.


Instead of forcing jurors to debate dispute by dispute on this issue, just fix this oversight, and make the criteria more explicitly forgiving.


PR on proof-of-humanity/poh-docs


Some notes:

  • allow only a max number of misreads? is this safe?
  • add an aclaration to the statement saying that “it is clearly a mistake”? I wasn’t sure on how to express that something is a mistake or not
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This HIP will, likely, be deprecated in favor of a 10 words, get 8 right version.

Completely agree with this idea.

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