[Phase-1] HIP-XX Registry validity extension

HIP: <Number to be assigned>
title: Registry validity extension
author: ludoviko 
status: Draft
created: <date created on, in ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) format>
requires (*optional): <HIP number(s)>
replaces (*optional): <HIP number(s)>

Simple Summary

This proposal will extend the validity of the registrations for 1 additional year, to give time to make a proper transition into the sides of the split.


The proposal will generate a change in the submissionDuration parameter of the contract to satisfy the purpose of this HIP


(Required for Phase 1)

The reasons include:

  • Give proper time to make the transition into the splitted DAOs
  • Clarify the renewal process so that it does not create an infinite registration (uploading the exact same video each time)
  • Avoid human mistakes of people that had no contact with the DAO and are unaware of policy changes (image size, mirroring, etc)


(Required for Phase 2)


(Recommended for Phase 2)


(If necessary, recommended for Phase 3)


Totalmente de acuerdo.

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In the context of an upcoming fork, these changes seem to be sensate.
I strongly agree, especially, about avoiding human mistakes due to constant policy changes and/or improvements that may end up in a “wrong submission”.

If you support this HIP feel free to expand and then recreate it.
Ludoviko however shall remain banned.