[Phase 1] HIP-XX Remove the "advance to pending" and "regular" vouch from UI

title: Remove the “advance to pending” and “regular” vouch from UI
author: jkusne
status: Draft
created: 2021-11-11

Simple summary

The aim of this proposal is to remove the “Advance to pending” and “Vouch” (the regular button, i.e., the yellow one) from the UI.


Proof of Humanity ultimate goal is to create a registry of all humans on Earth, and for that we need to have a world-class user experience. Right now there are two options for the same funcionality but with a worse outcome:

  • You can vouch with the yellow button (I did that a few weeks ago and paid 0.003798 ETH in gas) or you can do the same with a gasless vouch. It was a friend that is new to crypto so I thought that I would pay the gas for him as gift, because I thought that if I didn’t pay for the gas then he would have to do it.
  • You can click in “advance to pending” (and pay for the gas) or wait (less than 10 minutes, in the case of my friend) and save that gas. We didn’t know how much he would have to wait.

My question is: why do we keep showing the “Advance to pending” and “Vouch” buttons in the UI, if there are better options for both of them?

I know this is not the biggest deal in the world, but it will be an improvement of the UX and it should be fairly easy to do. So: why not?

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Someone mentioned that the gasless vouch is a temporary solution, so I’m not sure that removing the option is the way to go.
@fnanni , @clesaege or @santisiri can anyone confirm?

I gasless vouched for someone and it’s been stuck at advance to pending for two months now. What’s the solution for this kind of result?

Please join Telegram: Contact @pohDebug so the devs can further check and help real-time. They’ll need the links to the profiles