[Phase 1] Managing growing pains

There are growing pains in the public discussions, particularly Telegram channels, which are moderated now by appointees without official guidelines. This is not sustainable.

The PoH project lacks a founding document of principles, so there are unanswered questions about the direction forward.

Instead of foreclosing on the future of this project, I propose we move forward carefully, and cross the river by feeling the stones. Let’s work with what we’ve already got.

To manage these growing pains, I propose the following:

  1. We adopt the existing forum guidelines FAQ - Proof of Humanity and UBI as the official guidelines for the entire community. (Instead of only applying to gov.proofofhumanity.id where these guidelines already apply.) We all already agree to these rules, so making them universal seems simple and wise.

  2. With minimal acceptable guidelines in place, we bless as official the main contact points of the project, starting with the English Proof of Humanity Telegram channel. Official guidelines give the project legitimacy. This would give admins and moderators real guidelines to work with officially instead of just following whims.

  3. Clearly separate the responsibilities of Admins/Mods/Owners so that everything is clear and legitimate. Create a clear community process for accepting and removing admins/mods/owners.

By taking these three simple steps, we can secure the future and legitimacy of the PoH project.

I am ready to make a HIP for 1.

Will you support an HIP for blessing our existing community guidelines to apply to the whole community?