[Phase 2] HIP-39: Election rules for elected officials

HIP: 39
title: Election rules for elected officials
author: Mads Engelund
status: Phase-2
created: 2022-02-11

Simple Summary

This proposal implements rules for how members are elected for official positions are elected with a defined expiration date - currently only the “Mission Board”.


This proposal creates rules for how to deal with elections in PoH - allowing any member to open the election if the mandate of a post expires in less than three months. Candidates must be solicited on all official channels.


Soon most of the mission board posts will expire (June 5th). At that time we should have a robust procedure to elect new ones.


  • When a mandate for an official PoH position expires within 3 months any member may open an election thread to find a replacement. The member opening this thread will be called the election moderator.
  • The election moderator cannot hold or be up for the election of any official post from the time of the creation of the official thread until the termination of the election.
  • If several positions expire within 3 months of the same type at the opening of the thread, then the thread must cover the election of all positions of the same type.
  • Candidates must be solicited on all “Community-managed” (see HIP-16) channels and at least one month must be allowed for finding candidates and the deadline must be clearly communicated in the official thread.
  • All candidates must declare their intention to run in the official thread.
  • The election moderator can within one week of the declaration deadline open an approval voting vote on Snapshot, where the candidate(s) with the most votes will be chosen for the available positions.

Specific rules for the “Mission board”

  • “Mission Board” members whose post is up for re-election cannot moderate the rules for an election for the “Mission Board” itself. Such members will also be excluded from board votes on the topic of the election.
  • If the election moderator fails to uphold the requirements, non-excluded members of the “Mission Board” can appoint a new election moderator.

Snapshot Poll


So I made a more elaborated rules-set. Let me know what you think.


As usual, a great quality HIP, Mads. I have some questions/comments:

What would the “election thread” format would be? Would it be necessary to further specify or we will just leave it for interpretation?

We can use the approved HIP 16 Point 2. as the “Official” channels for distribution of the candidacy thread.

I would add “at the time of the creation of the thread” at some point in this point.

I think in the early stages, we were too vulnerable of temporizing (i.e. avoid making a decision or committing in order to gain time) any concrete action due to lack of specifications. Unfortunately due to this, I think we should carefully specify a concrete timeline of events so no one can argue that the proper procedure was followed. For example:

How long after? 1 week? 1 month?

So far these are the comments I have. Thanks again, Mads.

I tried to incorporate your comments.

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