[Phase 2] HIP-40: Clarify image rules

HIP: 40
title: Clarification of image rules
author: nicobilinkis.eth
status: Phase 2
created: 2022-15-3


Change image rules to explicitly forbid black & white or rotated. Also add a max file size and a minimum resolution.


Current rules are not clear among many aspects. Right now, black and white images are not allowed in the registry, but rules do not say so explicitly. Also, a few days ago, many profiles with 90-degrees rotated images were rejected from the registry. I believe most of us agree that those type of images shouldn't be allowed, but it's not fair that rules are not crystal clear among those topics. Also, images have a don't have a max file size or a min resolution declared in the policies.


Re-write the point 2) of the policies as follows:
  1. Front-facing Submitter Picture - Required
  • The picture must include the face of the submitter facing the camera and the
    facial features must be visible.
    -The picture must be in color and not contain any face modifying filters.
    -The picture must be under 3MB and have a minimum resolution of 256px by 256px.
    -The picture must be in the right orientation for the face to be recognized. Image rotation is not allowed.
  • Face should not be covered under heavy make-up, large piercings or
    masks hindering the visibility of facial features. Headcover not covering
    the internal region of the face is acceptable (For example, a hijab is
    acceptable for a submitter but a niqab is not).
  • It can include items worn daily (ex: headscarf, turban, wig, light makeup,
    etc) provided they do not violate the previous point. It cannot include
    special items worn only on special occasions that can, voluntarily or
    involuntarily, distract humans or algorithms from being able to detect
    identical faces.

I think that for Phase 3 there should be a better definition of what a “face modifying filter” is and also what “heavy make-up” is.

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Hi Nico, I think the English of this sentence isn’t really clear. What about:

Also, images have neither a max file size nor a min resolution declared in the policies.

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My bad, just a typo. Will get that corrected for Phase 3.