[Phase 2] HIP 61: 15 Word Verbal Confirmation

HIP: 61
title: 15 Word Verbal Confirmation
authors: @greenlucid
status: Phase 2
created: 2021-09-07
conflicts with: None
languages: EN

Simple Summary

Modify verbal confirmation phrase to use 15 words instead, with room to errors.


The proposal will allow submitters to fail at conveying up to 7 words in the verbal confirmation phrase. A sort of game is done to verify the correctness of the phrase, by removing up to two words, independently, from both the original phrase and the announced phrase, and asserting the phrases are the same.


This user made a profile submission, misreading one of the words, and it got challenged. She lost the challenge. Some time later, another user went through the same problem.


Increase the amount of words in a verbal confirmation phrase to 15.
Correctness of an announced phrase is done as follows:

  1. The original phrase is written down. Up to 7 words can be omitted, and the result is stored, with the resulting words respecting the remaining order.
  2. The very same process is done with the announced phrase, which is written down as the submitter announces it. The up to two words here are independent.
  3. Both results are asserted to be the exact same. If so, confirmation is correct, otherwise, it’s incorrect.


  • We can reasonably assume the shown submissions were valid in the spirit of PoH.
  • Using two extra words provides a buffer for mistakes to occur.
  • Making it work with a game, instead of hardcoding a given number of misorders, misreadings, etc, is easier to understand for verifiers.


PR on proof-of-humanity/poh-docs


excelente propuesta green, ayudara a bajar considerablemente los challenge


Excelente propuesta! Muy interesante

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Sounds great actually

I support this proposal!

Just edited it to make it work with 15 words instead, and 7 mistakes. Slightly more annoying to record, better success rate.

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How are you messuring the “slightly more annoying”? iam not sure that increse 50% of words to say is good. it is a lot to me…

It accounts for roughly 3 average seconds of extra talking. In exchange, it becomes almost impossible for a verbal confirmation user to mess it up. 3 extra seconds that will prevent them from going through the nightmare that is getting challenged.

Go Green!!! :green_heart: