[Phase-2][Signalling] UIP-2: Adding EIP-2612 permit function to UBI

UIP: 2
title: Adding EIP-2612 permit function to UBI
author: @donosonaumczuk
status: Phase 2
created: 2021-08-27
conflicts with: None
languages: EN ES

About the proposal

UIP-2 proposes to add permit function as defined at EIP-2612 allowing users to approve transfering their UBIs to another address (user or contract) in a gasless way.

Complete proposal could be found here.

About the voting

You can find the voting snapshot here. It will be active from September 2nd to September 10th. The idea was to let the voting last a week, but an extra day was added to be fair with all time zones.

You must choose between Move UIP-2 to Phase-3 and Reject UIP-2.

In case you choose to move to Phase-3, current implementation will be deployed to a testnet where you could test it.


I’m trying to vote but the snapshot says pending :frowning:

Yes, that’s because voting starts tomorrow. Sorry if was confusing, I let one day between the announcing and the start.

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