[Phase-3] [Binding] HIP-85: Fork deadline

HIP: 85
title: Fork deadline
author: clesaege.eth & Foca
status: Phase 3
created: 2024-02-16
replaces: HIP-74 (only under the circumstances described in this HIP-85).

Simple Summary

This proposal sets a deadline and conditions for the peaceful forking of Proof of Humanity, aiming to ensure both sides have necessary infrastructure before proceeding.


With over a year since the approval of HIP-74 , this proposal addresses the need for a clear finish line regarding the peaceful forking of Proof of Humanity. This HIP establishes a deadline of 6 months for fulfilling the fork requirements, including the establishment of a functioning governance system and development of a new decentralized human registration protocol. Failure of one side of the fork to comply with above mentioned conditions will result in the enactment of the constitution and implementation of the decentralized human registration system of the compliant side of the fork, while compliance of both sides will trigger the implementation of HIP-74.


It has been more than one year since Proof of Humanity decided to pave the path towards a peaceful fork by approving HIP-74, but as of today, the conditions and developments needed for forking have not been completed.


A. Fork Deadline:

The deadline for fulfilling the above mentioned forking conditions will be 6 months, starting at 00:00 UTC of the next day after this HIP is approved (the “deadline”).

B. Forking Conditions:

By the time of the deadline, each side of the fork must have:

  1. A Constitution or other similar agreement stating the basic governance rules of the respective side of the Fork.
  2. A working governance system, including:
    2.1. A forum to post and discuss proposals.
    2.2. A place (such as Snapshot) to vote on proposals.
    2.3. A method (such as a governor or a multisig) to enforce proposals.
  3. A working and new decentralized human registration system different from the Legacy Proof Of Humanity and different from the systems developed by other sides of the fork, on a leading side-chain or Layer 2 rollup, including:
    3.1. A method to register into the Proof Of Humanity fork.
    3.2. A method to query on-chain whether a human is registered or not.
    3.3. At least one functioning frontend allowing you to interact with this new system.

C. Consequences of failure to comply with the forking conditions:

If by the time of the deadline one of the sides of the fork does not meet all the previous conditions:

  1. HIP-74 will no longer be binding.
  2. The funds will not be split.
  3. The Constitution and rules of the complying side of the fork will be enacted.
  4. The human registration system of the complying side of the fork will be implemented.

If neither side of the fork meets all the previous conditions by the deadline, an automatic extension of 6 months will be granted, and any potentially new side of the fork will be allowed to participate. In this event, the funds will be split equally among all compliant sides of the fork.

D. Consequences of fulfillment of forking conditions:

If both sides of the fork meet all the previous conditions by the time of the deadline, the fork will be enacted according to HIP-74.

After the fork, funds will be split with the only condition that they are used for the continuous development (both from a technical and ecosystem perspective) of Proof of Humanity’s respective side of the fork. Any deviation from the above mentioned purpose of the funds will empower the opposing side of the fork to pursue the retrieval of such funds through any available means.


Deadline: 6 months is a reasonable time to finish the new version of PoH for each fork, especially considering that more than one year and a quarter has already passed. By establishing a deadline, both parties will be motivated to move forward as fast as possible, and the PoH community will be able to benefit from the v2 enhancements.

Forking Conditions: These are the minimum conditions to have a functioning decentralized human registration system. It would be unjust for the humans backing one side of the fork to find that the side they choose to be part of turns out to be a non functioning project. Therefore, minimum technical requirements as well as a commitment to using funds for the development of Proof of Humanity should be ensured on both sides before forking.