POAP and POH synergy

I realized there could be an interesting synergy between POAPs and POH.

POAPs are gathering more and more atention and usage nowadays, and as far as I know they hace no sybil resistance. Sometimes, event will give you through a bot a link to redeem POAPs but POH could be integrated to ensure a POAP is sent to a unique human.

1 human = 1 attendance

What do you guys think? Do you see usefulness in this integration?


Another great use case!

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I also thought the other way around. People who buy and burn UBI tokens could get POAPs as a reward. It could depend on how much or frequently they do it (similar to a streak).
Maybe, this would attract more people like @Justin. =)
There is definitely a synergy between the two.


Yeah, you are right the sinergy could work both ways!

There could be POAPs for liquidity providers, for voting on the DAO, for being admin on forums or social media, posibilities are endless. It could further increase the engagement of the community in the proyect.

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