PoH Library: Notion Dashboard Contributions Needed

I am looking for contributions anyone thinks would be good for the PoH Library dashboard I set up for our community on Notion here . You can reply below, or send me a message on Telegram with good material to add :blush:

Once more abundant, this will be a great page to include in the Telegram group as a /Library or #PoHLibrary command where people new to the entire ecosystem can better educate themselves on material suitable for their needs, such as articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.

Some topics I added already are Soulbound Tokens, Learning How to Learn, Network States, etc. With much more that could be included.

Over time this could function as the basis for an in-house curated library project if we so wished with materials on Web 3, crypto, blockchain, but also things like psychology, economics, video games, TV series, anime, or anything that encourages critical thinking and disseminates valuable, open-source educational material. Even further still it could be a repository for open-source academia.

Kleros Curate could theoretically help curate the material in the future should it become a long-term project.There seem to be a few potential use cases down the line. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will continue casually adding to this when I get time :pray: