POH Polls Snapshot Spaces

After requests from the community, @santisiri has created a dedicated Snapshot Space for polls, that uses the same strategies as the main PoH Snapshot space.

In my opinion, it might be valuable in the future to have this space to experiment. We can use it to test snapshot features, polling, and who knows what else. We can use it for any polls that aim to gather addresses as well, and ratify results with a HIP on the POH DAO.

An idea: charge external parties that want to survey the POH population an x amount of eth, that can be sent to the UBI burner to fund $UBI.

To kickstart the use of this snapshot, I’ve created this proposal:


I will not advertise it as much for now because we have two/three proposals being voted at this moment.

Thanks @mnrr for pushing for this!

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas below.


PoH as a market research company! Interesting business model for UBI :slight_smile:


Awesome! Pinapple on pizza is not pizza at all.

This is a great Idea!



it seems like our “VOTE” balance is 0 for some reason, is that something that you can alter?

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I think it might have to do with the decimal places configuration… probably Snapshot is calculating 0.0000000100000 votes or something like that. I tried changing the setting exactly as it is on the HIP Snapshot but didn’t get the right result. Will look more into it asap.


Satoshi might know a lot about cryptoeconomics and cryptography, but he/she knows nothing about pizza.


Ahh reminds me of the Wii Everyone Votes Channel.

Does anyone remember this ?

Now someone gamify this like Nintendo Wii~

POH gated metaverse games

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I agree with satoshi I like that toppings in pizza