[Poll] When are we ready to choose a PM?


I’m making this post to discuss of the poll (note that this is a poll, it doesn’t follow the HIP process so won’t have any effect).

I would advise against fixing any specific hiring date (and in particular not “now”).
The recruiting has been quite slow due to a lack of advertising. For now, only 1 candidate has completed the process (one other almost finished the exercised but didn’t return half a section) and it’s not even a regular application but more akin to outsourcing.
I understand that it taking a lot of time can be frustrating but for the whole time at Kleros, I’ve never regretted waiting more time for hiring instead of setting up for default choices.

Here the problem with recruiting was a lack of advertising and a lack of obvious way for candidates to apply (some were making posts of a thread which was also used for discussion and incomplete applications didn’t get noticed).
This has been fixed by the two following actions:

  • Post an ad on cryptojoblist (to talk with potential candidates before redirecting them to the process).
  • Have a dedicated application thread reserved for applications and recommendations.

I suggest that once we have either:

  • A decent amount of candidates having finished (~ 5 would be good and at the current rate it should happen quite fast).
  • A candidate of consensus (getting overwhelmingly good recommendations).

To make a hiring HIP.


A few points:

  • The process so far, has, in my opinion, been unfair to candidates, we ask them to dedicate their lives to the DAO, but then they are ignored for months. How can we ask people to put their life on hold indefinitely and be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice?
  • I appreciate that more transparency on the expectations for the process is now coming from the core team, but I will continue the process outlined my @Justin and myself unless the community voting kills it or if the signaled candidate will not participate.
  • On that note, I think we should also include a “Please stop doing this”-option in the next poll.
  • I think the fairest way to interpret the poll would be to use the median vote with votes on “do not set a date” counted as the last option. That way the objectors are also counted.
  • Finally, I would also like to apologize again to @Justin for asking him to lead but then jumping in anyway.

Once again, most of your points are fair Mads. Thank you again for your deep involvement in the DAO. I just wanted to get back on this specific sentence:

Yes, the process has been slow and needs to be faster.
But it is a standard job posting. When you publish a job post like millions of them are posted every day in the world, you are not “asking people to put their life on hold indefinitely” or “to dedicate their lives to the DAO”. I have never “put my whole life on hold” to apply to a position and “dedicating your life to a job” sounds a bit extreme and like it is trying to stir emotions.
We want the people in these jobs to still have a good work-life balance.


Fair point, I may have joined in the hyperbole.

To me this matter is rather simple. Do we want an outsider of the community to take this job… or do we want someone who has already demonstrated understanding the different aspects of PoH and is actively engaged with our community on the different channels we have?

For the latter, I think it’s clear we had some solid candidates that demonstrated willingness to already engage and work with our community. I find myself skeptical of parachuting an employee to this DAO and it is for that reason that I think we should be ready now to make a decision.

We want whomever is best for Proof Of Humanity. And due to how the exercises are structured an insider or someone quickly able grasp its working already has an advantage.

Being a product manager is a job, not a political position.

I think it’d be extremely unfair to exclude the majority of the candidates because a democracy earth member applied. They got multiple weeks to do the exercises, leaving less time to the other candidates would not be a fair process likely to lead to the best outcome.

PoH PM is absolutely a political position…
We can all wish it weren’t so, but structurally it is.


An elected job is political whether you want it or not. Regarding the candidate I recommended forward, of course the weight of having worked with her influences my choice in a favourable way. The fact she had to push forward this job hiring process herself due to the process being stalled, speaks greatly of her PM skills.

We had an interview with a candidate today and will have another one on Wednesday too. I think it would be unfair to those candidates who are in the process.

The fact that you think that the candidate should be already a part of the community is an understandable position for you to defend, Santi. But it’s not a good justification for rushing the process.

Feel free to come to the interview on Wednesday, too, if you’re free.

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By no means I intend to rush the process but I do want to manifest that a significant part of the community wants a decision made relatively soon. Hope we get many excellent candidates and I do trust those handling interviews today.

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The poll is now closed:
Since we have 177 votes, the median vote is number 88, which is “in 2 weeks”.

So on the 30th of July, I will make a 7 day approval-voting poll with all the candidates that have applied by the 23th. When the poll concludes, I will ask the top candidate to create a HIP for hiring them.