Potential video issue when submitting the profile

When previewing the video everything seems fine, but when clicking on submit suddenly the video goes crazy.
I’m not approving the transaction because the video might be corrupted afterwards and I don’t want to lose the deposit… any idea?

Edit: I tried recording from an Android device, an Iphone and from a laptop.
Also tried with Firefox and Chrome, they all have the same glitchy result.

Video to understand the issue: https://we.tl/t-sApk6uYWnB

Hi, added the error you’re getting here "No video with supported format and MIME type found" error on video preview before submission · Issue #224 · Proof-Of-Humanity/proof-of-humanity-web · GitHub

Apparently one way is to try doing it with WhatsApp which seems to have the right codecs for PoH.

Tried also through Whatsapp and it’s the same.

Devs are checking on this but the video link has expired. Could you put it up again? Or you send it directly to Telegram: Contact @pohDebug and reference it to web issue #224

Hi everyone! Some one can help me please?

Yesterday I’ve submitted my profile with foto video etc, but I didn’t pay the deposit at the MetaMask profile because I dint’t know how it works.

So, I have 0 dollars ETHs and I need to buy it. I will do it.

QUESTION: once I will pay the deposit, do I need again to fill out the profile form and submitted.

I need to be sure. PLEASE HELP!