PRODE FORK PACK #1 | A prediction market on PoH events

Hello, I recently built a prediction market to predict PoH related events, by using prode, a tool built by @Koki and @fnanni. This is mostly for fun but also we can use collective intelligence to predict the future.

Here there are instructions on how to play (in Spanish, intended for FORK DAO, a parallel community intimately related to PoH): Telegram: Join Group Chat

This is the message with the instructions: Telegram

General Info

Link to the market: prode.eth

Market closes on 2022-10-27, please place your bets before. You will need 3 xDAI (3 USD), the native token of Gnosis Chain. If you don’t have them, refer to the next post in this thread to get them.

There are 16 Yes/No questions that will be answered on 2022-11-22. Players rank depending on the matched predictions:

1st place gets 50%
2nd place gets 30%
3rd place gets 20%

I’m not sure what happens if there’s a tie.

There’s a 4.5% fee in place. 1.5% goes to the devs of the tool, 3% goes to the FORK DAO treasury. Play if you’re fine with this, and also play responsibly.


  • Will Sobol become a PoH MB before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Susie be functioning as moderator in any FORK DAO Telegram group before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Clement be kicked out of the PoH MB before 2022-11-22 11:01?
  • Will HIP-28 (reduce submissionBaseDeposit) be executed via governor in Proof of Humanity before 2022-11-22 11:01?
  • Will the PoH MB cease to exist before 2022-11-22?
  • Will HIP-72 (Grant to fund a PoH airdrop solution) pass?
  • Will UBI token trade trade above 1 cent at any time during 2022-11-21?
  • Will FORK DAO obtain a grant before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Green (@greenlucid) be unbanned from a permaban on any PoH official groups before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Justin Kalland be kicked out of the PoH MB before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Santi Siri be kicked out of the PoH MB before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Luis (@ludoviko) be unbanned from a permaban on any PoH official groups before 2022-11-22?
  • Will Lety stop being a moderator in PoH official Telegram groups by before 2022-11-22?
  • Will UBI token contract ever be upgraded before 2022-11-22?
  • Will there be a PNK airdrop to PoH users before 2022-11-22?
  • Will a consensual fork take place in PoH before 2022-11-22 11:01?

How to obtain xDAI, the native token of Gnosis Chain:


You can get xDAI relatively fast with Ramp. I don’t remember if there’s KYC. You don’t need to make an account. I think it doesn’t work in Argentina.

Polygon to Gnosis Chain

If you got MATIC, or other assets in Polygon, you can:

  1. Get DAI in Polygon, you can use Uniswap.
  2. Use Connext Bridge to bridge Polygon DAI to Gnosis Chain xDAI.

Argentinian Pesos to MATIC

I don’t really know how to go about this, but, if I lived in Argentina:

  • go to a cueva, buy USDT on Tron, a.k.a USDT TCR20. I’ve been told they deal with 100 USD minimum so this won’t work for small amounts.
  • use Fixed Float to swap Tron USDT to MATIC on Polygon. Then you can apply the step I explained above.

Made my bet!

Thanks a lot for the guide.

Acá pueden pasar DAI a XDai desde la mainnet de Ethereum o cualquier otra red (MATIC, Arbitrum, Optimism) a Gnosis Chain Hop Exchange

Made my bet, Let the luckiest win