Project Hub & Directory For POH & UBI DAOs

Hello all :blush:

As POH & UBI communities grow in diversity I thought we would benefit from having a unified hub. I decided to get our various communities set up with a free acccount on Notion. I’ve set up a framework, all I need to improve it from here is feedback and more data. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the Kleros POH Dashboard. You can see the Open PoH and UBI dashboards on the left (from my admin view) (Dark mode works if you are logged in and set the preferences)

The aim of this is to provide a single point of reference for every POH & UBI DAO’s activities, to streamline onboarding across DAOs, listing active projects, who is working on them and at which stage, reduce effort duplication, increase collaboration, and connecting all of the talent we have in the broader community whilst maintaining each community’s independence and their unique vision. It serves as follow up action to my post about making UBI work and planning it over at the UBI governance forum

Each project still maintains autonomy over their independent workspaces, but I can also give permissioned access to view or edit multiple dashboards for people like myself that want to help different communities simultaneously.

I also added an educational section to each DAO with some useful materials on Web 3, identity, sociopolitics, etc. A mini community library of sorts!

As well as the bare-bones for getting a Creators Guild set up and start actioning my project idea

Projects can be set up to help publicaly illustrate progress, when things were done by, what needs to be worked on, etc. Documents can be made by those with permission inside any sub section, so it can even be used as a remote working environment for teams, albeit very simplistic.

I would also like to add a section for implemented HIPs so they are easily accessible any time and can be commented on for improvements and alterations.

If anyone would like to view the dashboards: (Be reminded, lots of information is still missing, its quite hard to find… :sweat_smile: )

Kleros PoH DAO
Open PoH DAO
Creators Guild

I hope this is a step in the right direction towards getting things clearly organized without impeding too heavily on the spirit of DAOs, let me know what you all think so far! :pray:


the members of open poh are confirmed???

Nothing on there is confirmed, I have set this up on my own. Rather than it just being a huge empty space, I put in either placeholder information, or information I could find that was relevant.

As I said, I just need people to send me information to fill it in or point me to places I can find it :slightly_smiling_face:


I have been slowly updating and improving the Notion landing page :slightly_smiling_face:

Lots more links, drop down menu functionality, and easier navigation from the homepage to all our resources and projects.

I have also added IMHO to our project dashboard, as it is an excellent project with many use cases and deserves our attention. :pray:

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