Proof of Competency & Global Academic Humanity Network

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Find the fully formatted document with headings & subheadings which you may find easier to navigate over on my Google Drive @ Proof of Humanity - Expansion Concepts & Improvements

“Proof Of Competency”:


Extends use cases for Proof of Humanity with a specialist verification system:

  • Utilizing PoH to create a Sybil-proof, curated recruitment & specialist list

    • Similar concept: Accreditations and qualifications - ORCID
    • Creates opportunities for the freelance researcher, technical, and consultant gig economy
    • Provides specialists with provable dispute & mediation experience in their chosen industry/s, facilitating career progression and skills acquisition.
    • Illustrates the crypto industry possesses the capability to operate in high-level academic, institutional & human resource environments
  • Enables Kleros courts to confidently operate in specialists fields - Legal, medical, linguistic, academic, etc

  • Could naturally be expanded to create the basis for a global “Academic Humanity Network” (See blockchain academic publishing study illustrating key market gap:

    • Short Summary: Current academic publishing environment is highly fragmented, inefficient, expensive, and difficult for new & upcoming researchers to successfully break into ~ Illustrates clear market gap that PoH could tap into with a supplementary or standalone product (Particularly as the number of people with degrees & an interest in research not having a platform to utilize their skills is a rapidly growing general concern in the media)

Known competitors in this industry: Eureka Platform & Science Matters (same parent company). Orvium (Ties to CERN).


  • Danger of Kleros Jury identification being compromised

  • Specialists may have complex & justifiable disagreements that require extended time periods to reach consensus

  • Back-end software development required to automate the process in line internet 3.0 efficiency & automation principles

  • Security concerns regarding storing user credentials & information.

Solutions to Disadvantages:

  • Hide user’s Proof of Competency from public Proof of Humanity profile (Only half a fix as users could still be identified over time through personal interest & conversation)

  • Separate Proof of Competency into its own academic / employment network as an independent product from Proof of Humanity / Kleros Courts (Key issue: Splinters the community)

  • Create a “Tier 2” layer of identification attached to profile, providing user approved & limited access to academic experience & credentials. ( Further considerations, and industry examples given in the “Tiered History” subheading of Section 2: Industry Specific PoH Use Cases )

Look forward to further discussion, feedback, etc. I realize a lot of this may be looking far into the future, or perhaps a little fantastical, but I think that’s part of the fun!

Have a lovely day everyone & apologies if this isn’t posted in the right place. (Been some time since I’ve used forums!)


Great! In DAOe @AnnaKaic, Octavio and me created a LearningDAO project that explicitly takes care of this problem. We focused a use case in Refugees that have lost their Identity and their professional papers.
Would be great to materialize it.

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Yep, we’ve made a video explaining how the DAO works :slight_smile: (I’m Octavio)