Proof Of Humanity Connect

Hi everyone,

Here is a Proof Of Concept of a connecting through POH to classic web apps (we could for example implement it for this forum). It could be used anywhere to replace or work in addition of centralized account connection services (like Twitter, Facebook, Google).
It requires to be registered in POH.

It’s made using cryptoauth.

It could be used:

  • As a unique sign-up method for websites wishing to prevent Sybil attacks.
  • In conjunction with other methods to reduce their impact (such as captcha, payments, phone numbers).

In the first case being registered in POH would be required, in the second, it would allow to skip an annoying verification.

This could also be used by companies providing freebies (like 1 month of free subscriptions) without their system being abused (like creating a new account every month in order to never pay).


nice can we see the source ? :slight_smile:


We’re working on a centralised version of this. In 12 months time we aim to be at the stage where we can offer our users the option to transition their data to a decentralised version.

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Where PK is stored in the solution?

The wallet signs a sign-in message, so the PK is never revealed (so it can be stored on metamask, a ledger, etc).

This looks awesome for confirming people’s social media accounts as real people with real opinions. Also useful for joining waitlists for limited retail goods (consoles, gpus, premium luxury goods, etc), lotteries, verifying content creators, verifying content creators in NFT space, limiting airdrops to one unique real person instead of people with multiple wallets getting multiple airdrops. Many possibilities to integrate this.

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The Proof of Humanity login via cryptoauth in now live on this forum.
People who are accepted into the Proof of Humanity registry can now login with their ethereum wallet! (with the same address on PoH)


Cool!! I’ve added it to my profile. For others to do it, just go on Preferences and click on OpenID connect. Then just associate your wallet by signing the message :slight_smile:
Thanks for adding this feature, from here we can start pushing its adoption in other sites

Hi, I’m Greg, I’m the person behind of cryptoauth.

I’ve created a proposal for adding native support for proof-of-humanity to cryptoauth. I would like to know what you all think about it before I submit it to Snapshot

The goal is to have dedicated UI for proof-on-humanity login instead of “token ownership” restrictions you can see now when login with ethereum wallet. This should make the experience much better for integrators and end users.

You can find the proposal here → Proposal (You can leave comments on this document)

If nothing major comes up during next couple of days I’ll post this proposal (~15th June) to snapshot for official voting.

Thanks! G.


Hi Greg. I like very much your proposal. I saw your Figma designs before in the Cryptoauth Discourse, and also I like very much the ethmail solution you offer. I will support your proposal. However, I think the the cost for deploying is expensive atm. Is there any other way to lower the cost?

Hi, it looks good, you can make a forum post following this guide. Maybe just put 2 options Accept/Reject as it avoids weird cases of vote split.

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Yup, I was just doing it but hit a road block, since I’m a new user I can only post 1 image and 2 links, I’ll need to modify it to meet those limitations.

We can move the discussion to [Phase-1] HIP-?: Add Proof Of Humanity login mode to