Proof of Humanity Meetup in Paris 🇫🇷

Hey everyone, EthCC is happening between July 20 to 22 and many of us are thinking about doing a POH meetup where we could do some mass vouching and generation of human profiles.

Who is going to be in town? Let’s make this happen.

cc @federicoast @clesaege @Justin @Jrag @RoboTeddy @paulaberman


I will be attending! A PoH meetup is a must! Haven’t picked accommodations yet, would be nice to stay in the same area as everyone else if anyone wants to share.

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Yes, we definitely must have a PoH meetup. We will start looking for some place to host it.

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With the Kleros team we all typically stay at the same house. I’ll let you know when we have decided where.

(It’s usually in the suburbs or some “not very touristic area” as it’s super expensive to get a house for many people in Paris)


Great idea, let’s distribute POAP NFTs to all people onboarded there!
“Proof of Human in Paris”


I’m an ordinary master’s student based in Berlin, interested in social blockchain applications, computational social choice theory, game theory, and so on.

My background is applied math, so not informatics/computer science, so I’m a novice trying to wrap my head around basic smart contract development using Truffle with several other TU Berlin students. If we can secure tickets for international students, then we would love to attend and learn. For other international students interested in attending, there are 150 tickets allocated for this purpose. Applications here under ‘International Students’ or the ‘Volunteer’ option.

If anyone attends TU Berlin, there are a couple interesting courses:

These are partially how I discovered about Democracy.Earth, Pia Mancini’s TED Talk on Upgrading Democracy, and sparked some of my initial interest.

Any other students or novices lurking in these message boards who are interested in attending, please message me and we can share on our journey in learning.


Slightly unrelated, but here are a couple papers that also caught my interest in digital democracy, maybe useful for other novices,

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I won’t be there but have major FOMO!!! And I’m happy to help out with anything if I can. This will be amazing :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome I’ll probably be there — keep me updated on any shared PoH housing plans!


Hey! @AnnaKaic and me are going also. Do you have already a place? Would love to be part of the PoH experience.

Booked a hotel and train. I will be in Paris from the afternoon of the 19th to the 23rd. Staying very close to the venue (Maison de la Mutualité, Paris, France). First in-person conference in over a year, excited!


Someone crowfund me to go​:relieved::hugs::rofl:

Hola soy Dominicano quien me finacea un viaje a España :es: toy que no veo por ir a España :es:

I’m going to eth París :exploding_head:!!