Proof of Humanity REST


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RESTful API for the Proof of Humanity protocol and ecosystem.

This project started a couple of weeks ago when I was playing with some concepts. I found it hard to query information from the PoH protocol easily. Talking with other devs I saw this was a shared frustration.


Today it only has a few endpoints, but more are in the works. Curious to hear what other devs would like to see.

There is also an instance for the Kovan Testnet registry:


GraphQL. :slight_smile: But I could build that using your REST API as a backend datasource.

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  • New endpoint to see a chronological history of a profile’s status (docs)


  • Endpoint that exposes vouches for a profile, given and received (docs)


  • Returned profiles now include the property vanity_id (docs)

vanity_id is a sequential ID assigned to every profile when they are accepted into the registry (moving to REGISTERED status). So not all profiles will have a vanity ID. Once assigned a vanity ID is permanent, it won’t be removed or changed, regardless of the profiles status.

The intention is a number to brag about, for example I am #2,973 in the registry.

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I’d like to add a couple lines into the profiles/{eth_address} controller to check to see if the parameter looks like an ENS name before doing the lookup. Would be a nice touch.

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Great idea! ENS support would fit perfectly (and play into the future HNS plans).

Can you create a PR to support this? If not can you create an issue on the repo so I can remember it in the near future?

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Hello! I stumbled across this, liked it a lot, and developed a Python wrapper library to use this API easily from Python.

Here is the link to its PyPI page: pypoh · PyPI
You can install it with pip install pypoh
Here is the Github repo:

I’m using this library to develop a Data Analysis NFT project, and it’s been useful so far. I hope it can be useful to more people as well.