"Proof of Nationality" as a means for decentralized lobbying

Hi all, I’m a community lead in Lobby3, the DAO recently founded by Andrew Yang. Lobby3 is still young and in a preliminary phase, but we will eventually be working with a number of issue-based advocacy groups to determine web3 policy positions that reflect the wellbeing of the web3 ecosystem and community.

But right now we don’t have a feasible solution for actually representing the web3 community, IE i’s little more than an aspiration as of now.

One possible solution may involve a “proof of nationality” that we can advocate, so that we can airdrop non-transferable “voice credits” for these web3 participants to vote in Lobby3 referenda.

On behalf of Lobby3, I’d be interested in partnering with Proof of Humanity to explore a “proof of nationality” solution, ideally in a way that uses zero-knowledge proofs, so that we can make progress in the effort of opening up the practice of lobbying.

I’m sorry if this channel is inappropriate for such discussion, but I saw a similar outreach here which was met warmly. If there is a better place to talk about this, I’d appreciate a redirection.

Here is the invite for theLobby3 discord: https://discord.gg/Ns8VfyDbXQ

And here is a our site: Lobby3.io

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Hi @Clinamenic,

PoH is made to enable all kinds of experiments that are now possible due to being quite certain that an address online is a real human. So importantly, you don’t need our approval to build on top of PoH. Conversely, we will not pull the rug out from under you if you do build something using PoH.

You can probably find individuals who would be willing to help out in building a solution on top of PoH (paid or volunteers). I would recommend presenting your project in one of our community calls - head over to the Telegram groups and ping @kleyr or @NingFid to propose a presentation.


Btw, the link is broken - I think you meant Lobby 3

Haha yes, thank you for pointing that out. Also thanks for the pointer to Telegram. I’ll take this inquiry there once we flesh out the details more on our end.

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