Questions on a removed profiles impact on others

Hi, I have been playing around graphing out the data from graph protocol here: Map of Humanity

I am interested in this profile of Auryn, they have vouched for a few others, but then the account has been removed. The people they vouched for are now registered and have vouched for others. What should be the process here? if they only have one vouch and the profile that vouched them is removed, should they be challenged? e.g. Dan has become verified from Auryns vouch and has then vouched for Cody, but this all hinges on the removed profile as the source.

Would a voluntary removal (somebody deciding to remove themselves) of an account have the same impact on the people they vouched for as a forced removal (somebody challenged)?

Similar with Nacho, who has been challenged (I think?) so their status has changed back to Pending. If Nachos status remains pending or becomes removed what is the impact on the connected users?

Also, I imagine that there are a number of plants/test accounts in the removed profiles list from the dev team. I wondered if there was a list of addresses (after they’ve been caught) which are from known testers performing to see how the system works. It would be nice to be able to filter these from the list of removed accounts so we can start to see the people who maybe just did something wrong, and people who are attempting a real attack.

Also, it may be my map is wrong too!


edit: also to clarify my map, purple is registered accounts, orange is pending, red is removed.


That’s beautiful!

I guess the decentralized approach allows users to keep their current status regardless of who vouched for them.


  • isn’t purple ‘vouching phase’ and orange ‘registered’?
  • couldn’t help but notice that it will take 112 days to change from vouched to registered between the 1st and the 32nd human vouched by Santi. :cold_face:
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ah yes confusing, purple lines and orange faces, orange lines and purple faces haha ill switch that around.

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That is great!!! congrats @isaac !! And also to @santisiri he’s really a VOM (Voucher of the month :P)

The vouched person is not penalized if the one who vouches is not in rule. On the other hand, someone who vouches a profile that ends in challenge and loses, is penalized.

I propose all of us vouched by @santisiri chipping in to make the deposit for a new submission of Kevin Owocki.

His profile was disputed (Proof of Humanity, a sybil-proof list of humans.) and it’s clogging more than 30 vouches by @santisiri. The case had a favorable ruling but it’s been appealed.

:+1: Maybe making a new submission is faster than waiting for another dispute to resolve.

:-1: The dispute itself seems not rational and if the disputer does it again, we’re back to square one.

What do you think?

The vouch would still be used until the result of the dispute no matter what.

Oh, so the registering-clog for us vouched by Santi would still be there even if the submission was withrawed?

The submission cannot be withdrawn during a dispute.

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