Reduce registration fee

I live in the developing country

I cant afford 0.184 eth. Since my currency is IDR
1$ = 10.000 IDR. Its hell expensive to me.
Including gas fee

What if we use alternative coin or $UBI instead of eth
And the amount is fixed like $50

If this program mean to help the poor
Why is it so expensive to register

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Dear Bob,
Right now the project is not easy to access for the poor this is completely true.

The reason this is the case is that in order to succeed
(1) the list has to be secure
(2) everyone needs to be able to join

If we focus on (2) first, then the project fails immediately because the system will be attacked by criminals.
If we focus on (1) first, well then (2) can be achieved little by little. To do this there has to be some pain involved in losing the deposit (even for people in developed countries).

We are working as a community towards greater inclusion, but the integrity of the list comes first, otherwise, the project fails completely and will never achieve anything.


And for clarity, it is not a fee, but a deposit that is returned if the submission is correct.

If you can collect the deposit from a group of people you can get everyone on the list with this money. And if you wait for low gas fees and use gas-less vouch for each other, then this expense can also be reduced. Be super sure, though, that you follow the submission guidelines, and institute an internal group review of every submission.