Registry profile v. complicated and problems with self-fund

I think I must have submitted my profile 3 times. Whenever I click on the self-fund, it doesn’t trigger a pop-up confirmation on my ledger wallet. ???
So I click submit profile and nothing happens.
I really hope I haven’t registered 3 or4 or even 5 times. ha ha.

Help ?

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You should only be able to register once on a specific address. Once submitted successfully, you should see the ‘My Profile’ option at the top after connecting the wallet you used to register.

Well. I pressed the self fund button many times with no results. Then submit and then the timer was just going on and on and on. No results. Maybe because I’m using Chrome? I’ll try again today.

It’s quite upsetting. I’m seeing 21 new registees since I’ve started trying to submit my profile. My wallet is connected everything. I’ve followed all the directives. And I’m usually quite tech-savvy, apparently not this time…
I’m stuck at the self-fund button , I click, nothing happens. Then I click submit, and the counter goes round and round. Hum…

Submission defaults to self fund and there’s nothing more you need to do there (no need to press self-fund) but click ‘submit’ and wait for the files to upload - shown as three bars at the bottom. Once it’s all green, a prompt to sign the transaction will appear. Did you notice those three green bars?
Works with Chrome too.

You can also get real time support here Telegram: Contact @pohDebug
You can also send a screen video so that support can diagnose and fix faster.

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It turned out that my video exceeded the limit. So I compressed it. But since I thought it was the self fund, that I kept clicking to get my file to be submitted, I thought that was the problem, so instead I clicked the crowdfunded button. and it worked. On Safari as I was having problems on Chrome. So now, my other problem is that perhaps, no one will crowdfund me. I really feel silly.

But at least now my profile is being mined. Thanks for all your kind help NingFid.


You’re welcome.
Any address can crowdfund your profile which means you can also crowdfund it. The only disadvantage for you is it’s more expensive to do that compared to self-funding. Good thing gas price is favorable these days

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