Remove vouch if a profile cancels submission

Hi there. I realized that I was able to cancel my submission and reapply without losing my vouch, and I think this could be a problem for the voucher.

In my case I got stuck in Santi´s wheel. After a few weeks some people kindly offered to vouch me so I re checked my profile. With the experience gained about challenges in those weeks I decided to cancel my submission and reapply with a better video. I got vouched by a second human and got registered.

Now I am wondering what would have happened if I would have misused that trust from Santi to vouch for me, and upload a bot or duplicated video from someone else when reapplying. As far as I know, Santi would have been removed as well if I got challenged.

So, I suggest what the title says. If a profile decides to cancel his or her submission, they should lose their vouch in order to protect the voucher.

Thank you for reading.


Does seem odd that the vouch stays - I wonder if there is a technical reason, or if it was just a edge case not thought of?

Could it be an error on your submission only? Upon checking the Removed profiles, only those that were from a dispute have their vouchers still showing up.

Also, wouldn’t a person in vouching phase that canceled his submission hasn’t technically reached the registration phase and so re-applying either with the same or a different address doesn’t make the second attempt a duplicate?

Exactly, this is the expected behavior “trust is risk”, if Santi puts trust in you, this means that you can use it in a way which is harmful to Santi. If Santi doesn’t believe you won’t he shouldn’t have vouched for you.
Trust here is given to the address owner not a particular submission, if you were malicious you could have registered before anyways as I doubt that Santi is gonna go through all the submissions or use ML techniques (matching your face/video with other submissions) to try to find out if you are already registered. Note that the punishment is not that high and he could reapply.


This makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you for clarifying this Clement. Now I get why it is designed like this.