Renewing every 6 months?

Am I right in thinking that profiles need to be renewed every 6 months? Does that mean everyone has to go through the verification and vouching process twice a year if they want to stay in PoH? That seems like it could be unsustainable in the long run once millions sign up?

For now a registration is valid for 1 year. This is made such that if a lot of fake profiles were to make it into the list, they could still be removed after a year.
When we see that the mechanism is robust we can increase registration validity.

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Thanks very much, that makes a lot of sense. I’m assuming that you won’t need a new voucher, but just do something like upload a new video to save time?

You would still need a voucher, but you can use the same.

I think there should be a means to make sure the person is still alive.

If we allow uploading the same video how do we make sure the person is alive? Someone with access to that wallet could reupload that persons video, even after he/she is deceased.

One idea is that apart from the current “i certify that i am human…”, a randomly chosen phrase should be said on the registry video so we can ascertain or mitigate the risk at least, of uploading a dead persons profile.

Showing a recent blockhash would also work.

Good idea and easier to implement than the random phrase proposal