[Signalling for Phase 3] HIP-45: PDF → Markdown

Hey. As HIP 45 succeeded in Phase 2, it is now necessary to clarify a point. Specifically:

Won’t it be ugly for the users to show a raw text file?

This HIP does not set into stone that the raw markdown file must be the policy provided in the MetaEvidence. (…)

This is not specific enough for an HIP that gets to Phase 3. The matter that must be specified before we continue, is: Should the Registration Policy be posted as Markdown or as a rendered PDF in the MetaEvidence?

Markdown Pros:

  • anyone can obtain and edit the policy just be getting it from the MetaEvidence
  • pretty readable:
    – you can see the raw, text version, which is easily readable on itself
    – you can render it however you wish (dark mode, change fonts, etc)
  • way easier to copy and paste, quote, etc.
  • loads very fast and friendly to slow internet

Markdown Cons:

  • browsers usually interpret text/markdown MIME Types as text/plain. This creates friction and many users will think that the policy is ugly.
    – the way around it is to install an extension in your browser to render Markdown.

Go to the reply below to find the link to the snapshot. This is the thread intended for this discussion so please post your structured comments here.

This is the Snapshot signalling survey to decide how to go forward for Phase 3.
This survey will last 3 days and will decide the course of this HIP. Please give arguments here as well.

Hey, why can’t the markdown be used as the master for a PDF rendering?

This is what is being put to vote, what to put in MetaEvidence: the Markdown as is, or a PDF render of the Markdown.

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