Somebody removed me despite me being real!


This is Spencer Hughes, address 0xbA00D84Ddbc8cAe67C5800a52496E47A8CaFcd27, one of the first 20 people to register on POH. It has come to my attention that somebody removed me on Aug 21, 2021, claiming that I potentially was the start of a string of fake accounts. I had no way of being notified about this and did not realize it until right now.

I did in fact vouch for other human beings that I knew personally. Further, my video quality was so bad because I had trouble staying within the max file size for the video.

I am incredibly disappointed that somebody removed me from POH by claiming that I am a fake account after being one of the first users to spread and promote this project, especially when the person who removed me is not even verified on POH (0xa6d5b0c9eacd4e301e95a977f7c853ebbf99d790). Somebody please inform me on how I can redeem my account. I am disappointed that I now must have to spend .12 ETH over somebody else’s error.

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That person is me and I am trully sorry for this if it was a problem.
I believe we need to work on a way to avoid this kind of problems to happen.
I was convinced that someone had gamed the protocol by registering without vouching.

I am willing to pay for the reresgistration, but I believe the bigger issue here is that we need a way to avoid this kind of things from happening again.

@santisiri @clesaege Any ideas or suggestions?

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I actually think that the removal was reasonable, not because of the fake account accusation but because of the video quality. Note that @juanu also risked his deposit to request the removal.

The only problem I see here is that you didn’t receive a notification. Did you registered for notifications at some point? If yes, can you double check if you received it?