Sovereign replaced by Snapshot?

As far as I can tell, the story is:

  • Until around 2018, Democracy Earth was developing its own platform for proposals and votes, called Sovereign
  • The Democracy Earth white paper (which according to Git was mainly written in 2017) makes frequent mention of Sovereign, it gives its source code URL as, it describes it as a “democratic governance application”, and it includes screenshots of its voting UI at the and domains
  • In 2018, work started on the Democracy Earth DAO codebase
  • At some point between then and now (2022), the original Sovereign codebase URL was made to redirect to “wallet”, and the Democracy Earth web site was given a “Launch App” button that points to (which shows a “vault” UI, not a voting UI)
  • Since Proof of Humanity launched in 2021, it has used Snapshot, from day one, as its voting platform, and as the smart contract
  • Since around 2020, Sovereign has been completely abandoned, and isn’t deployed live anywhere

Those of you who are in the know, feel free to correct any of the above pseudo-guesses that I’ve made.

I don’t have a problem with Sovereign having been replaced by Snapshot, as the main voting platform to be used in conjunction with Proof of Humanity. But I can’t find it documented anywhere, when this decision was made, nor by whom, nor why.

Can someone please fill in the missing pieces of this puzzle for me?