Submission rules are not clear enought

submission rules are not clear enough and lead to many errors in the registry and errors by the jurors
there is too much room for misunderstanding

like for example, someone can upload one “front facing” profile picture but mirrored and upside down?
by the current POH rules its not clear if that is legal or not
its up to the juror taste if that kind of thing are accepted or not

i dont think a registry that may use face reconition algorithm can permit profile picture upside down or with the wrong orientation

I agree with the sentiment that the registry should not accept rotated or upside down photos, but that’s not in the registry policy as of today in my opinion.

I agree this can be exploited by an attacker, and I’ve made some tests and concluded that the two most accessible tools available to me could be vulnerable to such attack, since they might not detect faces that are rotated.

That said, it’s very likely that algorithms sophisticated enough to find duplicate from rotated photos, or that rotate them automatically, might not be too hard to code.

The question for me is: since we have no evidence that various parties have access and are running algorithms that could catch these attacks, maybe we should change the rules to make sure the photos are easily recognisable by the most common algorithms.


  • it makes the registry looks better
  • it facilitates the work for anyone trying to find duplicates

Would you like to draft a HIP to add this is as a rule?