UBI bridged to Matic (Polygon) Network

I was looking around MATIC (Polygon) network for UBI bridge…
UBI was mapped 1 month ago, with <7 txs in/out using UBI on Polygon chain.

Bridged UBI transfer is dirt cheap but deposit and withdrawal cost from/to Ethereum chain is paid in ETH gas, so it’s not really usable for everyone without liquidity and more utility case around UBI in Polygon chain.

Matic Token Mapper : https://mapper.matic.today/
Ethereum address for UBI : 0xdd1ad9a21ce722c151a836373babe42c868ce9a4
Polygon address for UBI : 0xFe7FF8b5dfbA93A9EaB7Aee447C3c72990052d93
Explorer : https://explorer-mainnet.maticvigil.com/address/0xFe7FF8b5dfbA93A9EaB7Aee447C3c72990052d93/transactions


I wonder who did this… amazing news.


This seems to be a great option for people that want to receive payments in UBI for small amounts.

Do you think the DAO would approve to set up a small liquidity pool on Polygon with rewards?


We should do a HIP about it. Sounds like a good idea to me.


Was thinking the same thing, we should incentivize more activity on Polygon as it is the only way people will get to interact with UBI without gas friction. I have onboarded friends and family but things are just stuck because no one can do anything with them due to fees!

Big thumbs up on this proposal!

So what would be the prcoess,costs and benefits passing mi UBI’s from ETH MAINNET to Polygon?
i know that this may seem a ;azy question but (understanding the lower fees on Polygon net) ,its diffucult to understand the whole change this implicates.
More people on telegram grupo has my same question.

Thanks in advance

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It’s not ready to be used by actual people who receive $UBI (in spite of the hype and twitter posts saying it’s ready “now” for “you”.) This is only the very first step to making PoH cheaper in the future.

Right now, it’s something for the PoH application developers and liquidity pool funders to work with.

(Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong!)


I wonder if we can ask Matic internal/devs to handover ownership of that upgradable proxy contract to PoH/UBI Dev team so we can push our own upgrades instead of using their childERC20 logic. I’ll check around their discord channels for that…


Looks like they’re too busy to handle such requests for now…

cc @santisiri @HBesso31
If you can talk with people from Polygon chain for that proxy/ownership transfer.

Yeah, right now the most urgent task of the DAO is to hire a Founder Dev. Once we have more hands we can start to parallelize work and get things moving faster.


For the record, we are seeing some sales using UBI on Matic, in the P2P group.

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I think this is very usefull for people who don’t have enought eth…

For the record, here’s the sushiswap pool I’ve created for UBI/MATIC:


Thanks for creating it. I’ve added liquidity too

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