UBI Burn for Proposal

What do you think of requiring an UBI burn of a decent amount of UBI before making a proposal to the DAO?

Let’s say around 500 USD for each proposal, can be crowdfunded.

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Well this is one way to stop proposals to be created… the burn is a good idea but the mechanism as proposal dont…imo

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I think it is a necessary mechanism. Just as a reference of other DAOs adopting similar procedures as the one proposed I could cite Mirror Protocol (MIR). In that proyect if you want to make a binding poll to include a new synthetic asset into the protocol you have to make a deposit of arround 500 USD worth of the token. If the proposal is accepted, the deposit is returned, if it is rejected the funds are lost (shared among stakers, but in our case UBIs could be burned).

Source: Governance - mirror