UBI Charity Gambling

Make a charity gambling dapp which accepts UBI. The proceeds can be burned and/or sent to charitable causes. Get the ball rolling for the UBI economy on Matic.

I could build a demo if it sounds like a good idea :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe a partnership with PoolTogether could achieve that.

Yes, someone please build this!

Hi @Willy would you be so kind to take this to Discord? There is Juanma. He was also looking to do that, his document is in Spanish. Here it is Lotería UBI - Google Docs

We are using Discord to better coordinate talent. There you can ask for talent to join you in the development by tagging roles such as @Front end dev, @Smart Contracts, etc and ppl with that skill role will be notified.

Here an invite to the server. The channel where to post this is called “chat-colaboración” within the section “Oportunidades de Colaboración”.
Although the names are in Spanish you can talk in your language of preference.

PT would require UBI money market or a subsidy from the DAO :grin:

Hi, what’s the discord link?

Cool idea! Please message me on Telegram (@justinkalland) so I can add you to the right dev groups for support.

Sorry for the delay! https://discord.gg/Rpu4g9De

Ubiroll is now live on Polygon :grinning:

It’s an Etheroll style game where players can adjust their winning chance & payout.

50% of game profits will be burned :fire: