UBI Missing after period expired

hello, If anyone can help it would be appreciated . I have an account on POH and am also a liquidity provider as is my girlfriend. Both my children are also registered on POH too. Recently all of our profiles expired and for some reason all of our UBI balances have gone to 0. The only thing showing is UBI to be claimed in rewards from the liquidity pools. Where have all the balances gone in Metamask. I can provide details of accounts affected.


Hi, if you were unregistered, your UBI was seized, that’s a design decision of the UBI team to allow for UBI to be streamed instead of claimed.
Note that we did warn them against the streaming feature but it’s their project and I advise you to ask them. Proof of Humanity (Origin) V2 frontend will not support $UBI.

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what about my liquidity in the pool i had .5 eth in 2 different addresses and the pools button wont link

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