UBI Retirement Plan

Hi everyone

We want to share our idea that, eventhough today it’s probably not a contribution to the urgency and needs that we understand UBI token faces (i.e. demand, utility), it can create value in the medium and long term.

With @Juan we thought about developing the UBI Retirement Plan whose objectives are:

  1. Strengthening the UBI token

  2. A simple way of saving and investment for those registered humans who want to protect and make their funds yield in the long term.

Main idea - Do something with your time

UBI places a value on human time. Through URP we want humans to be able to save and invest part of that time to have more income available in the future.

Whoever receives UBI will be able, in an easy and safe way, to generate a retirement plan and doing so, contribute to the utility and sustainability of the UBI.

Final beneficiaries not necessarily have to be the same eth addresses registered on PoH, so a verified human would be able to delegate their UBI tokens and their earning to somebody else through URP. This could be an incentive to join URP and support UBI token price (due to burning process) and, therefore, the entire community. This is already being covered by Juanu and Santi’s development of Delegated Streaming [Phase-1] UIP-1: Delegated Streaming.

Human decisions

  • Defines the % of “human time” that will be allocated to the URP
  • Choose the retirement time (5, 10 or 20 years)

The UBIs will be invested in a stable coin fund or in the UBI Pools (we will start giving one option, more will be given later on). Of the yield obtained, 20% will be burned and thus make the system more sustainable.

Upon completion of the withdrawal date, the funds will be credited to the beneficiary’s wallets.

There is the option of early withdrawal with a penalty of 10% of the accumulated interest (in addition to the 20% that is burned automatically).

URP objectives

  • Give an easy way to generate a retirement plan to UBI beneficiaries.
  • Give stability to UBI by encouraging the growth of Pools and the burning of UBIs.
  • Generate a rapprochement between the people who are entering the world of smart contracts and the investment possibilities in DEFI.

No clue about development!

The reason why we are posting this on Developers is in fact because we have zero development knwoledge and we are unable to move forward on it.

We believe the idea should remain as simple as possible, since we think it will bring the attention of people without technical or financial knowledge, that will find an easy way of invest thinking in their future.

We hope it makes sense, please let us know what you think about it.



This something that could definitely be done once we get the UBI streams working (and if UIP-1 is accepted with the proposed contract update).

I’m no economist nor have the knowledge about game theory to give more feedback on how to improve or possible issues with the idea, but for sure sounds like a good start to have the plan and idea explained as good as you guys did.

Keep the good work!


I think the idea of a retirement dapp to be very promising.
I don’t think it needs to be linked to UBI in particular, but linked to POH. What currently prevented making decentralized retirement was the fact that it’s hard to find if someone is still alive.
POH can allow to periodically check that someone is alive and looking at past registrations, we can verify that this person is aging normally and the account was not taken by someone else trying to game the system.
If we want to make a retirement by investment, the retirement plan would also act as an investment fund, getting yield and then redistributing it to people of retirement age.