Unintuitive Websites

I have been using this website for a while now and I still don’t understand how to move arround.
How to move between https://www.proofofhumanity.id, the guide, register/ log in, sending the human application, https://gov.proofofhumanity.id/, the proposals. I think it would be cool if it is in the top of the pages.
Also I don’t know why there is two buttons to “get started” and send you to where all the profiles are. I guess it’s good to see all the people giving their application, but i don’t know what to do from there. It should be obvious to give yours from there or go to Proof of Humanity - An Explainer (the guide) depending on what the user wants.

Hey @Patodesu,

Agreed, it takes quite a while for a new user to understand the project well enough to submit a new profile. This can and should be much easier! It’s something I’m thinking about right now.

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