Using PoH as blockchain

So given PoH as it is, I thought about a maybe “crazy” idea, would be possible with the current technology or future to use every person as a node/validator, so instead of PoW, PoS, it’s PoH, like a neurolink tech… this is a long term idea, and lots of research should be done imo, and idk also if it will be a good idea, any thoughts?


Nice, sounds like the first step towards the singularity


I think an interesting way to do this would be to have a rollup using PoH for its coordinators.


Moving PoH verification, UBI token and PoH governance to POH chain would be nice for long term game instead of relying on rollups/other L2 chains that’s directly not controlled by PoH/UBI collectives.

We can run a FULL PoH chain with PoH nodes, where each validator node (UBI/PoH delegated) is backed by collective of PoH verified users with their combined UBI deposits. UBI will be primary gas token that can be burned % like EIP1559 && we get to deploy and run other smart contracts using UBI on PoH chain for max utility.

We can still bridge UBI token back to ETH and other EVM chains to max our network effect. :vulcan_salute:


@0xc0de4c0ffee would you be interested on building something like this? Maybe we can design a HIP for it.


I’m really bad with Golang for this crypto/security level… & i’m out of sync with latest Geth client codes updates for year+. If possible we should get someone deep from geth team to keep up the good work for PoH/UBI. It’ll be lot easier task for them to work around… I’ll be around helping. :pray:

Converting PoA consensus to PoH with our own PoH/UBI backed governing contract is hard part on top of keeping up with future geth upgrades. There’s no system/governing contract in current Clique/PoA as it’s all done by individual PoA signer nodes voting to add/remove new validator nodes. We could still use that with PoH delegated nodes for now (trust majority nodes to vote as it’s on PoH voting contract). Attaching UBI deposits and individual Humans in consensus/collective equation side isn’t possible without system contracts.

BSC’s Parlia and Matic’s Bor consensus have different implementations for system contracts to look around.


Did you had the chance to check Kovan ? works on POA.

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Kovan got validator sets contracts, it’s Rust based client but Kovan/PoA is not compatible with go-ethereum client.

Kovan is result of old coldwar between openethereum (FKA Parity/ethcore brand). They bypassed real “ETH Foundation core dev” meetings and launched their own PoA, so Geth Clique/PoA isn’t compatible with Parity Kovan/PoA.

I think it’s easy to add minimum system/validator contract in Geth/PoA for PoH but we need more tight test/security from Go engineer dev in PoH team for that.

Core Geth devs don’t want to add/fix that coz they made their Clique/PoA only for TESTNET.

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They are doing it

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It seems that the easier way to do that would be to simply have a Proof of Stake chain in which the stake was UBI tied to a single PoH NFT.

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PoH doesn’t rely on NFTs, but on the registry itself.
A human is registered on the registry from its address.

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