Brainstorming Appeal DAO

There’s a concern in the community that there are situations where appeals would be just, but they are not funded because they are too expensive for a single person to fund them, and too risky to crowdfund between a small number of people. Specially when the counterpart seems to have plenty of funds.

That said, there are economic incentives to crowdfund these appeals. It could be profitable to a whale for example.

This lead me to think: which tools for coordination we could use not only to gather funds for these appeals, but to profit from them and pay the community back when they are won?

The immediate answer would be to create a DAO, where people can deposit their funds and receive shares of its treasury. I believe those should be managed with a multisig.

Whenever there’s a situation where an appeal can be funded, someone from the community can set up a proposal, and then the shareholders from the Appeal DAO vote in appealing it or not.

We can ask the person that sets the proposal to stake some amount of UBI.

If the appeal is won, the Appeal DAO treasury gets bigger, and every shareholder profits from it. We can also share the profits with other parties: the creator of the proposal, a “lawyer” of the DAO that submitted evidence, etc.

If the appeal is lost, then the Appeal DAO treasury loses money, and we can burn the UBI staked for the proposal.

We could also make a HIP to receive a grant from the PoH DAO to fund the Appeal DAO.

This is just a rough draft, that I hope triggers some discussion in our community.

Other ideas:

This DAO could have a “hired” lawyer for each case.

The DAO could buy and stake PNK. We could delegate the votes to some members of the community, or use PoH to decide how to vote. Much like Partido de La Red.


The main idea looks cool. It could easily be done with safesnap such that there is no need to trust any keyholder. I could help setting it up from a technical perspective.

Yeah, this could be worth it for some non obvious cases.

On this one that looks like cartel creation and the next version of Kleros could have anti-cartel mechanisms which may prevent such a scheme.


I support this idea. This would be a previous instance with savenap. This as @clesaege entioned at the end of this instance, only some cases will be defended by said lawyer which are not obvious. What should a committee have to determine what is obvious and what is not? Task of the DAO, from my point of view (as a lawyer lol) it would be a fantastic cryptographic administrative instance

apoyo esta idea. Esta sería una instancia anterior con savenap. esto como @clesaege encionó al final de esta instancia, solo algunos casos serán defendidos por dicho abogado que no son obvios. ¿qué debe tener un comité para determinar qué es obvio y qué no? tarea del dao, desde mi punto de vista (como abogado jejeje) sería una fantástica instancia administrativa criptográfica