Create UBIswap - Uniswap fork that burns UBI

Hi everyone,

What do you think about creating a Uniswap fork that charges additional 0,01pp that goes to a vault that every X blocks buys and burn $UBI? Actually I think that the implementation shouldn’t be a fork but a new UI that calls the existing Uniswap contracts, charging the additional 0,01pp. I would like that the buy and burn of UBI would be automatic in the same transaction but I’m afraid that a lot might be waste in gas. The UI could also have a switch between exchanges (UNI, Sushi, etc).

My idea came after what @santisiri said yesterday in the Twitter space. “If while playing FIFA I’m also burning UBIs, then playing FIFA actually has a purpose.” There are no single protocols that currently burn UBI, but we can offer the possibility in the same way that we are offering the UBI vault. So why not?


I think this is a great idea.


Amazing idea! I would definitely switch from Uniswap to UBIswap :pray:

Sounds like a great idea to me!

This was one of the projects i had in mind, i Even started a repo, what’s your tg handler?


Yes, it’s a great idea! Already working on it as well!


looking forward to a repo on this… i find it particularly smart this can be done modifying ui only. makes plenty of sense to piggyback on the existing liquidity.


have you started working on this? I’d love to contribute.

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We created a group and checking diferent repos to fork


nice, would love to participate in the group if you don’t mind? tg @frimoldi

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