Promote narrative --> convert UBI into a meme

Hi everyone, (see Spanish below).

This was probably discussed a lot already. I think that we should promote a simple narrative that turns UBI into a meme. I see plenty on synergies between pumping UBI and crypto adoption. Follow me:

  1. Anonymity/sedunomity enables for tax elation. This could probably launch a large debate and there will be valid arguments for both standpoints. But nonetheless, for someone that doesn’t know much (and doesn’t want to educate herself) it’s a valid argument against crypto. But crypto will exist anyways. And we provide a crypto-native solution for this problem.

  2. It’d be ideal if a share of all ETH burnt in each txs would be destined to buy and burn UBI. This is too far away right now (thou I see it happening in the long run). Pero in other protocols it is possible. For example, there could be an Uniswap fork that burns UBIs in every swap. In a 100% on-chain economy, there couldn’t be a more progressive tax (and spending) that a one that buys and burns UBI. We are really far away from a 100% on-chain economy and therefore it’s too early to talk about taxation. But I think that the community would be excited about projects that allows, to whomever they want, create the fairest wealth redistribution in history, while also generating wealth.

  1. This way, to the actual crypto (or Ethereum) narrative, we would add that we fight poverty. More adoption means more wealth redistribution and less poverty. UBI is clearly a gateway to Web3. One of the firsts smart contracts that I interacted with was Proof of humanity. Many friends are downloading Metamask thanks to PoH. Lets make UBI the gateway not just to the adoption of the technology but also of its philosophy.

I guess that my point is: the narrative “End poverty with crypto” already exists. It’s super ambitious, and we need it to be widespreaded for it to work. We need it to be just one of all the benefits of crypto. If memecoins like Doge or Shiba rocket for being memes (dogs), let’s make UBI into a memecoin (end poverty).


Probablemente ya se discutió muchisimo esto, pero pienso que tenemos que impulsar una narrativa simple que convierta UBI en un meme. Veo muchísimas sinergias entre pumpear UBI y aumentar la adopcion de cripto. Siganme en el siguiente razonamiento:

  1. La anonimicidad/seudonimicidad permite/facilita la evasión fiscal. Seguramente esto pueda iniciar un debate largo y se puedan dar argumento de ambos lados. Pero lo cierto es que para alguien que no sabe mucho (y que no le interesa informarse mucho), es un argumento válido en contra de cripto. Pero quieran o no, cripto va a existir. Y nosotros ofrecemos una solución nativa a este problema.

  2. Sería ideal que un % de los ETH quemados en cada transacción se destinen a comprar y quemar UBIs. Hoy es demasiado lejano (en el largo plazo me lo imagino pasando). Pero en otros protocolos es posible. Por ejemplo podría existir un fork de Uniswap que queme UBIs en cada swap. En una economía 100% on-chain, no existiría un impuesto (y gasto) más progresivo que un % del gas se destine a comprar y quemar UBIs. Todavía estamos lejísimos de una economía 100% on-chain y por ende es demasiado temprano para hablar de impuestos. Pero creo que la comunidad vería con buenos ojos iniciativas que permitan, a quienes quieran, generar la distribución de la riqueza más justa de la historia, mientras se genera riqueza.

  3. De esta forma, a la narrativa actual de cripto se suma que combatimos la pobreza. Mientras mas adopción, más redistribución, menos pobreza. UBI es claramente una puerta de entrada a la web3. Uno de los primeros contratos con los que interactué fue el de PoH, y para muchos amigos fue igual. Muchos se estás descargando Metamask gracias a PoH. Hagamos que no sea solamente la entrada al uso, sino tambien a la filosofia.

Mi punto es: ya existe la narrativa “End poverty with crypto”. Esa narrativa es recontra ambiciosa, necesitamos que esté recontra difundida y que la adopte todo el mundo cripto como otro de sus beneficios. Si memecoins como Doge o Shiba explotan por ser memes (perritos), logremos que UBI sea un meme (terminar con la pobreza)


I agree it could be really valuable to establish some sort of meme/game around ending poverty that can both benefit UBI and possibly go viral.

I wonder if the best way to do this in the short term is to try to take advantage of the simplicity and vitality of NFT art. Yesterday I was thinking about a new concept NFT that would effectively be a meme to burn $UBI. I would like to help get it started but have very limited solidity experience. Here is what I’m thinking so far.

  1. Randomly generated NFTs that have a max supply that is some fraction of the human registry and can be minted by anyone. I was thinking a series of characters similar to Nouns (maybe flame characters as a nod to burning)
  2. NFT can be “minted” by depositing UBI to the contract. UBI cannot be removed by the user.
  3. Similar mechanism to a “Harberger tax” would burn x percent (maybe 10%) of the deposited UBI per year.
  4. At any point in time another person (or organization) can claim ownership of the NFT by depositing a larger amount of UBI into the contract at which point the remaining funds would likely be returned to the previous “owner”
  5. smart contract and should also be owned by the DAO and some of the royalty could also go to the DAO treasury.

It’s a bit of a strange concept, but I think it could be an interesting mechanism that could drive UBI burning via the status/virality of NFTs. And maybe it would be something that could get off the ground relatively quickly?