HIP-8 [Phase-2]: Accept 352 as width in vertical video submissions

Simple summary
Make clear that the definition of 360p does not literally mean 360 pixels, and that certain codecs crop 4 pixels from each side of the image. Submissions with 352 pixels wide should not be considered in violation with submission rules.

This amendment proposal is a fast, immediate solution to issues related to a widespread method of video submission… It moves the minimum dimension of the width of vertical videos from 360 to 352 to match what is currently capable in the most widespread technology available. The 8 pixels removed cropped by the codec due to ancient PAL analogue norm is not moving the line too much and it fits the technical capability of current widespread technology. It is not realistic to challenge a person because 8 pixels are removed from the side of the picture (in the case that is background that is removed from the frame and not actual image). It is not intended to move the line any further than that.

The most common and easy way for a lay user to submit and transfer a video without additional installations or knowledge is sending it via WhatsApp and downloading it through WhatsApp web. In order to avoid opportunistic challengers that predate in these submissions, that would otherwise be a good-faith submission, an urgent ammendment to this policy should be put in place. It would also lift some artificial and clunky methods that current new users are using that degrades the platform in order to meet the requirements (re-encoding video, padding to sides of it, etc.).

If a vertical video in the proportion 16:9 is submitted vertically, then the 352 pixels of width should not be considered a violation to the rule #4 of submission guidelines, since it is still considered 360p.

Refer to Imprecise rule regarding video quality of submissions


I wonder if resolution requirements even make sense? I can take a 180p video and enlarge it to 360p using any number of simple web services. Or I could keep it 180p and just pad it with black to get to 360p. In both these cases I would satisfy the requirement as written, but not the spirit of the requirement.

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I agree on accept 352 as valid submission.

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Writing on behalf of a Telegram user not currently registered @roprgm:

one of the two things has to be included:

  • Clarify that 352px is valid in the instructions if we consider that size is valid (I think so).
  • A warning in the UI that does not let you upload a 352px video if we believe that 352px is not a video that serves the purpose of PoH.

For the sake of users and taking into account that here is recommended to use Whatsapp, it is necessary if or if you have one of the two things

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I believe the binding proposal should state the measurement in the following format:

Horizontal video
Minimum height in pixels:
Minimum width in pixels:

Vertical video
Minimum height in pixels:
Minimum width in pixels:

This way, the specifications are clear to both users and judges, with no room left for interpretation.

Additionally, it will be easy for the devs to code that as a requirement in the “Submit Profile” page once this is settled.



Please don’t forget to include the HIP number on Snapshot. And you don’t need to add [Phase 2] as it is redundant to [Signalling].

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Sure, so to confirm, what should be the title in case this moves to Phase 3?