Idea Mercadopago<>UBI integration

Hello Kleros PoH community, I recently joined the PoH UBI project, and me and others in the telegram group chats think that having an app that allows UBI token to be integrated on MercadoPago of MercadoLibre as a payment method currency will have a significant impact on the PoH UBI project.

Option 1

Being the wallet of MercadoLibre(MercadoPago) able of receiving, storing and operate currency as payment method(Arg, USD Mex, real, and in all of the countries in which they operate)add also the possibility of receiving, storing and use crypto (UBI Token) as payment method and then interact with all the users who buy and sell through MercadoLibre platform.

Option 2

It is that we assemble a team and develop on our own a “MercadoPagoCrypto / MercadoPagoUBI” wallet that serves the purpose of receiving, storing, transferring and use as payment method crypto (UBI Token) and then interacting with all users who buy and sell through MELI.
I see option 2 more likely to happen since the mobile application that we know from mercadolibre was developed in the same way, a woman (I don’t know if alone or with a team) developed the app and then it was bought (acquired) by mercadolibre. The benefits for the MELI ecosystem at a global expansion level are revolutionary since no type of monetary conversions would be needed to be able to export and import products if necessary.

I offer myself as a PM or if anyone else is more suitable go for it, what you guys think ?


I think the goal of this is extraordinary because it would enable UBI to get in the hands of more people in a more user friendly way.

I’m not sure about the technical details of how this should happen (how could MercadoLibre wallet accept UBI? What would be the regulatory constraints?).

Building a dedicated wallet to accept UBI is also an option. Although this would have the problem that we would need to push for the adoption of such wallet (instead of just using an app which is already in the smartphones of millions).

Or should we try more existing wallets to start accepting UBI?

In any case, I’m supportive of any idea that would contribute to increase the user friendliness for UBI adoption.


I would definitely support this idea!
I do not have the knowledge to help with the development, nevertheless I would love to contribute in another way.


@Beor estarĂ­as interesado con tu team ? que te parece ?

@HBesso31 saw this ?

Hola Nacho, ahora estoy metido en el tema de hacer el precio sostenible de UBI a través de vaults.
Creo que la esencia de tu idea es hacer fungible el UBI. Me parece genial.
¿Qué te parece, en vez de hacer una wallet, hacer una alianza con una crypto tarjeta tipo ? Esto facilitaría usar los UBI efectivamente para la vida diaria.

Y hacer una alianza me parece un primer paso, como segundo y simultaneo, me irĂ­a a crear nuestra propia crypto tarjeta. La primera que te da un UBI :wink:
Y así, podemos conectar esta tarjeta con DeFi para generar mayores recompensas, y hacer streaming a PoH DAO para un fondo de bancarizar a los que están fuera del sistema financiero.


Hola @Nachobr si por mi parte no tengo problema con mi team. Cuenten con nosotros para poder ayudar en el proyecto.


What would be the regulatory constraints?
In this article we can find some summary insight for Argentina and other countries.

What specific regulatory constraints you can also imagine Fede?

This looks like a pretty good idea. In order to make it more suitable for small value payment we could use it on xDAI.


Besides, making this crypto debit card a non-profit we have the capacity to burn a greater amount of UBI to compensate for the effect that cashing out makes on the price value of UBI.
I’ll consider this:
Staking UBI to cross-chain vaults as pancakebunny does → produces interest → 70% is sent to the DAO funds and 30% is for buying UBI and burning it.

Burning will allow the stability of the price.
Funds are for paying the registration of more humans, onboarding them in this humanitarian financial system, paying rewards for those staking their UBI (rewards such as Spotify/Netflix/Coursera/etc), and for other community proposals.

These will grow the PoH ecosystem.

I can see this card as the first Sustainable Development Goals-based “bank” card which goal is to end poverty. Most meaningful job I could not imagine!!


ahi estoy trabajando en una sidechain para ubi, cuando tenga algo mas armado vuelvo


Would the sidechain be validated with POH nodes? If so I have a few thoughts on how we could do this:

  • Start as a POA sidechain (using some tech similar to xDAI).
  • When rollups are there, turn it into a rollup (validators becoming coordinators).

If you look at a platform like SEEDS they use a light wallet. They also make sure the transaction costs are free. That means they are burning the costs of the transactions elsewhere to increase the value of the system.


Great practical ideas that deserve to be implemented :ok_hand:

In addition to the Option 2, to make the transition smoother maybe sending the generated UBI from the smart contract directly to the MercadoPagoUbi wallet? And make the exchange to what currency the user want depending on the country they are at the moment?

Thanks to @mtsalenc we maybe able to make this possible people!!

To clarify:

  • Cipay is L2 native
  • Neither PoH or the UBI currently are.

So as it is now, to use cipay for UBI payments the user would first need to send the UBI to L2 which defeats the purpose.

What we need:

  • Deploy PoH on L2.
  • Make UBI tokens play with L2: This is a bit tricky because we can’t let the same address receive UBI tokens on more than one network, we have to pick one or use more engineering.

what would require Deploying PoH on L2 as a first step? Would it be able to connect with the data available on L1?

Could a bridge of the UBI token be implemented on Optimism / Arbitrum without requiring a deployment of PoH as well? Maybe it comes without the streaming feature and that is only left for the main chain?

Thinking out loud here.


I wanted to share an idea about the possibility of making an eth address domain system, just like ENS domains, but using PoH identity. Therefore we would have a humanity=an eth domain. “Alice.poh” for instance.

Its uses could be within the eth network, in ubi layer 2 if its built, or even as an alias for other payment options (mercadopago?)


You should start a new thread instead of commenting here so we can talk about this specifically. I like the idea. I would use a .human domain for this :wink:


Done! Made a new topic on the PoH section :slight_smile: